October 5, 2015


Nova Cidade


Sister Campos

General Conference

Good morning!

First off, Feliz Aniversario Rebecca!! Sorry that I am not there for your birthday (again...) But know that I am Thinking about you and that I love you! I Love you!

So Conference this week was amazing! It definately was my favoritest part of the week! I have a new found love for Conference! I was blessed with the ability to be able to understand most of what was said, that was awesome! I already want the Liahona so I can read them all and study the words that were said! I did miss hearing the actual voices of the speakers, but it's all good!

Sister Campos and I found out last week that we are Sister Trainer Leaders! This was a big surprise to us because typically you're not called to be a Sister Trainer when you are still being trained... So it is a bit different! This means that we will go on Divisions with the other sisters in out Zone and we have some more responsiblities to do! Like teaching in our Zone meeting! Ah! I am a bit nervous for that especially because there is only one other American and he is leaving in February! But it is all good, I know the Lord will help me :)

Oh, speaking of help from the Lord, the Language is going great! I have a story about yesterday during Conference! So here in Brasil, most people watch Conference at the Church Buildings, so that is where we were yesterday with our ward and another ward. We stayed there inbetween sessions and had a lesson with Carlos and that was great! Also there was a member that wanted to talk with me in English to have some practice! So we talked in English! Or I should say, she talked in English! She would talk, and I would respond, but I kept responding in Português! I couldnt talk in English! I had to think REALLY hard to talk in English! It was really really weird! After 7 weeks of only Português, to think and talk in a different language, was really strange. I am so grateful for the Gift of Tongues I have recieved and for all of the help from the Lord with speaking and thinking in my mission language. Also, apparently I am still talking in my sleep in Português! Haha!

This week I finally had food I didnt really care for. Liver. Of some sort of animal, I dont know which. But that was difficult for me to eat! The texture was the most difficult part! So I will just say I said a prayer for help, and had lots of rice to cover up the texture as much as possible! Haha!

Another great blessing we had this week was on Tuesday! We have a Zone/District Meeting every week and this week we recieved supplies. We asked for pass along cards, and instead, got a box of 40 Books of Mormon!! And we had to take it all the way back to our house! So we were switching off carrying the giant box and guess what happens? It starts raining!! Of course! Haha! But it was kinda funny and we were laughing! The blessing was that a man saw us struggling, and offered to carry it for us, so he carried it the rest of the way to our house! Thank goodness! He was my miracle that day! We write down a miracle every day, it helps a lot to have an attitude of gratefulness :)

One more thing for this week! We were walking to the church building on Saturday for Conference, and on the other side of the street, some police officers pulled over a car and when the Police Officers got out of the car, they were pointing guns at them! The only thing seperating us from this action, was the street! It was awesome! Nothing more happened, but it was definately a surprise!

Oh how I love Brasil! Everyone always asks me if I am liking it here, and Yes, I am! I love it! The best part I think, is the People. They are truly a special people and I am so eternally grateful for this opportunity to work with them and bring these people unto the Savior. I love this Gospel and am grateful for the knowledge I have of the Restored Gospel. I am so grateful for the Blessing of my Family. All of you :) Thank you for all that you guys do! Always remember who you are, Children of God. Have a wonderful week my friends and family!

With much Love,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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