September 21, 2015


Nova Cidade


Sister Campos

And so it begins.......

Hi Everybody!

Well this week has been another good one!
And let me tell you, it DEFINATELY is not cold anymore! Not at all! it is in the high 90's now, but it feels much worse with the humidity! And guess what, this last week was still winter here! Today is the first day of Spring! Yay! So thanks everyone from AZ for sending the heat this way! It is going to be super odd to have a Super Warm Christmas this year! But it will be good!

Not a whole lot has happened this week, just been walking and teaching like no other! It really tires you out walking all day in the sun and teaching all day with the Spirit! I am always ready for bed at 10:30 to say the least! :) And rarely ready to wake up at 6:30 again haha! But i do, as difficult as it is sometimes!

This week we learned how to make Tapioca! We had lunch at a member's house and they showed us how! It is not like tapioca pudding, which is what i thought it was! It is somewhat similar to a crepe or pancake, but not at the same time! I Don't really know how to explain it, but it was good. You can eat it sweet, or savory! We had sweet! Oh, another thing i had that was new this week, was pancakes. Not normal pancakes though. They were pancakes that had ham and cheese rolled in them with a marinara of sorts! And they were rolled up like enchiladas and had sauce over the top of them! How strange it was! But it was actually pretty good. I guess pancakes how we normally have them is very rare here. Maple syrup here is pretty pricey!!

Oh, the cat finally put a small hole in our cieling! i knew it was going to happen! It isnt huge. but it is there! haha!

We have and investigator, Carlos. that will be getting baptized on the 17th of October! I am super excited! He is such an awesome guy! He is getting maried on the 10th of October so he can be baptized! Him and his wife, who is already a member, already have a goal to go to the Temple in one year! And guess what, I will be here!! I really hope that i will be able to go!

Anyways, that is all i have for this week! Sorry it isnt much, but know that i am doing well over in this corner of the world! Still alive and breathing! Helping people Come Unto Christ, and doing the same myself. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here serving, even though it is difficult at times, i know that it is worth all of the Sacrifices and Difficulties. :) I love all of you! Have an amazing week!

Love Always,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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