July 17, 2015



Sister Walker

My First Week!!

Hey there everybody! So mission life has been quite the adventure already!! I have been here a week and a half and I feel like I have learned more Portugese in those days than I did in three years of Spanish!! It is crazy!! It is really difficult, but everyone always talks to us in portugese and we aren't allowed to speak english very often! I still have a lot to learn but the Lord is helping me and I know that.
Our roommates are Brazilian and Hispanic so we are always conversing in three different languages! We say goodnight in all three languages every night! The people here are soooo sweet and kind. I wish everybody was like the Brazilian people. They are so humble and loving and so willing to help! I love it here!
I have already learned so much about myself and the Gospel and how to teach it to other people (In portugese!!) and it is wonderful! We taught our first investigator on our third day and we had to do it in portugese! That poor person probably had NO idea what in the world we were saying! Haha! But it´s okay beacuse he ended up being our teacher! haha! So we have two more lessons with people tomorrow and that will be interesting! I have the Missionary Purpose, the First Vision, and most of the Baptismal invitation memorized, in Portugese of course! haha! It is pretty neat to see how much progress i have made in just a week and a half.
Minha Companiera is awesome!! Her name is Sister Walker and she is from Washington! She went to BYU Provo and is studying Public Health! She is super fun and super good at Spanish which helps a lot in knowing portugese! She speaks really well too! We are total and complete polar opposites, so it is rough at times, but never terrible! It is a little difficult to be with somebody for literally every second of ever day, but I am sort of getting used to it! haha! It might take me a year and ahalf, but one day i will!
This morning we went to the Campinas Temple and it was so nice to have something that is familiar to me. It was beautiful!! After we finish emailing, we will go out into São Paulo and get to walk around a bit!! I am so super pumped!! We finally get to get out of the classroom and see something besides those four walls!! We counted it up, and on an average day, we spend anywere from 8-11 hours in our District room.... It is a lot, that is for sure! And I don't even want to think about the fact that we still have 5 more weeks of it!! lol
I cannot believe that it has only been a week and a half! The first 5 days were rough, but it has been flying ever since then!
The food here in the CTM is really good! They have two different meats with EVERY meal! It is so much meat!
I love love love my District! Two of them will be in the same misson, and the rest of them are going to be Maceo or Santa Maria! There are 6 of us and we are all like siblings! Its great! We spend so much time together that it is weird to think that we just met a little over a week ago! But it is great!
Being a missionary is REALLY difficult, but so worth it. I am so grateful that today is P-Day! Finally!!! It was much needed! I am missing everybody like crazy!
Even though it is difficult and at times I have wondered what in the world I am doing, I know I am where the Lord needs me and where I will be most effective. What a blessing it is to be able to be a Representative of Christ! I know that I am doing what I am supposed to be and that my family will be blessed for it. I love you all SO much!! Have an amazing week!!

PS- I am not allowed to send picures in the CTM, but i will as soon as i can i promise!!!

Sister Kinnaman

Lindsay Kinnaman says:
Ser seguro e eu te amo
on July 18, 2015
Andrew Ewald says:
That's awesome! I'm so excited for you!
on July 19, 2015

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