July 9, 2018


Elkton, Maryland


Sister Scott

We've got a cord!

Hey there everybody,

Another wonderful summer week that it has been! Exciting, but also pretty uneventful.

So, Wednesday night for the Fourth of July we went out to eat with one of our favorite member families (at a bison restaurant that was really good p.s.), then we were driving to visit an older lady in the ward. We were waiting at a stop light and sadly, we got rear ended. My first car accident ever! Pretty fun, huh. A Jeep hit super hard into a Nissan that hit into us. So we definitely got out the best of the situation and everything is pretty okay. The bumper is just cracked and out of place. We came to find out the next night when putting some boxes in the trunk, that that is broken too and won't close. Ha! So, we called the Zauner's (a cute senior missionary couple) to see if they could come and help us out. Elder Zauner was just like, "Oh yeah, I've got a cord and can secure that down for you and you'll totally be okay to drive." We just were grateful and went inside and went to bed. Come out the next morning...and he totally put it together with a PHONE CORD. Hahahaha. Legendary. We laughed forever about it. Every time we back out you can see the charger end in the back up camera. It is so funny.

If you know Sister Scott, then you know her bad back.. So, we got to spend another night at the hospital. Round 2 for us! She is okay, though. Just on some fun medications, but she is doing good!

Other than this, the week was pretty busy as usual. We had exchanges on Friday so I got to spend the day with cute Sister Lasson from my very own Lehi, UT. She is adorable. We are still progressing with our investigators and they are doing super well. Our ward is doing great, and we are working hard to strengthen, help, and serve them!

One of those weeks where I just LOVE everyone and everything like crazy.

I was reading in the book of Acts the other day and came across my new favorite story. It's in Acts 5.

So in this, Peter and John are going around testifying about Christ and get put into prison because of it. Then, in the night an angel appears to them and opens the doors and tells them to go back out to teach in the temple. So right away, early that next morning they are teaching and doing what they were commanded. When the captain realized this, he and his officers were so afraid but also so upset. So they went out to the temple to find the apostles. They set up the council and were deciding what they should do with them. Originally, they just wanted to kill them. But, a couple of the men stood up for the apostles and so they discussed until they came to agreement. They decided to beat them up, told them to never speak in the name of Jesus ever again, and let them go.

Then in verse 41 and 42 it says,
"And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.
And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ."

I LOVE THIS. Now, obviously, I am not getting beat up or cast into prison. But I am getting turned down day after day, and sometimes that can be hard! I'm sure a lot of you get put down in individual ways each day, too. But, Peter and John inspire me and I want to be more like them. I am SO thankful and SO happy to be worthy to suffer shame for Christ's name. What a privilege it is. All my life long, I will cease not to teach and preach His name.

I love you all! Have a happy week!

Sister Munson


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