June 20, 2018


Elkton, Maryland


Sister Scott

My Favorite Book

Hello everyone!

Another week here in Delaware and Maryland!

So update.. it is really hot here. I think that I have never comprehended how hot the world can get... when walking outside... on asphalt... all day long... in june...

HAHA. So, I am looking forward to the rest of the summer to see more to come. (; The sunshine really is so nice, though. I would take it over cold weather any day! Other than being hot, this week was busy! Just nothing too exciting to update you all on.

We had an amazing stake conference this weekend with Elder Dube talking about the POWER of the Book of Mormon.

It's had me pondering on how truly grateful I am for this amazing book.

I just want to share my witness that the Book of Mormon is true. It answers all unanswered questions of the soul if read with true intent and an open heart. It teaches of Jesus Christ.. it is the very place that we can come to know our Savior! It shows us how to become as a child through the atonement of Christ. It brings comfort that lifts our burdens, even so much that we cannot feel them upon our backs. It gives strength. It brings guidance. It heals and helps all parts of life!

I promise you as you diligently study it every day, as President Nelson promised, you WILL make better decisions every day! And you will come to know our friend and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon! It's God's tool to help us. It is a tool that we can also (and especially) use to help others!

If you aren't reading it... I invite you to repent. And, try again tomorrow!

I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ! Serving them is the hardest yet happiest thing I have ever done! And I know that without the power of the Book of Mormon this incredible work would not be possible.

sister munson


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