May 29, 2018


Elkton, Maryland


Sister Scott

His yoke upon us

Hello beautiful humans,

How was your week?

Well, mine here in Newark surely was wonderful and eventful! So, we got the big news on Thursday night. Our new mission president is President and Sister Dunnigan!! They are from Michigan (go BLUE woot woot) and he was in the Seventy. I am excited to get to meet them!! I already love and sustain them with my whole heart.

Next up.. surprise! Tomorrow, we are getting put into a last minute trio for the last two weeks of the transfer. Yee haw. We are going to be getting Sister Whetman, who is currently one of our STL's. She is over the Newark 3rd ward and the YSA. So, for the next two weeks we will be over both areas and all three wards! It's going to be pretty crazy, but it will be super fun!! She is SO sweet and Sister Scott and I both love her so much. She is also from Cedar City so we are Thunderbird sistas!

Things are so great here! Judy is doing really well. She reads a chapter of the Book of Mormon every day and we call her every night at 8:00 and answer all of her questions. She understands the gospel SO easily. It's amazing to see how the Lord is helping her. And most definitely helping us. We've asked her to baptism 3 times... And, this week she said she would pray and ask Heavenly Father if it is what she should do. So please pray for Judy with us! (:

My heart is so full today with so much love for this area. The city, the people, the members. Oh! My heart could just burst! I love it so much. I am so happy.

Is it easy to be so purely happy? Well, to be honest, for me... no, not really. But, is it possible? Why yes, of course! I find joy in Christ. I trust Him with my whole soul. Therefore, I am doing my best to serve Him with my whole soul! My joy is from and because of Him.
I know that by truly pulling from the enabling power of Christ's atonement we can all find joy. I know he's allowed me to face these hard times so I can learn to lean on Him to make it good. The Lord is leading me along!!

Neal A Maxwell said,
"He balances giving people the needed, specific directions, with providing the relevant learning experiences, including having our faith and patience tried in order to be strengthened. Thus He leads us along, but He desires that during that process we take His yoke upon us in order to learn of Him by our personal experiences. We surely feel the weight of that yoke at times, but the path is clear.

Jesus, our Shepherd, has “marked the path and led the way, And ev’ry point defines”. His clearly defined footprints are easy to see. They are pressed distinctly and deeply into the soil of the second estate, deeply and distinctly because of the enormous weight which pressed down upon Him, including the awful burden of all of our individual sins."

I am so thankful that Jesus Christ loved me enough to take the burdens that I personally added upon His back.

But, I know He did this willingly, because He loves me. And, I know even more so that He did it willingly because He loves YOU.
"All these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good."

I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, my ultimate friend. I am so lucky that I get this opportunity to be tried and to truly come to know Him! I am thankful for the happiness, peace, and solace that I find in Him. Through the good times, and the not-so-good times. He leads me along.

Have a peace-filled week!

Sister Munson


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