May 21, 2018


Elkton, Maryland


Sister Scott

What is happening!

I honestly don't even know where to begin!

What a great week. And what a particularly crazy weekend!

We had an amazing Zone Conference on Friday with President and Sister Randall and with our Area Seventy, Elder Bennett and his wife. We started right at 8:30 am and were told to be ready and prepared to start and not stop! We then had the most amazing discussion for the next 8 hours until 4:30. The conference was amazing and inspiring and really got me thinking about all of the ways that I want to improve as a missionary.

There wasn't really a common theme... but a lot of what I got out of it was consecrated behavior and obedience. I only gain power as a missionary through righteous use of my agency.
SO, I need to....
1.Truly give my whole heart, might, mind, strength, and focus to the Savior.
2.Yield everything to Him with great urgency.
3. Obey exactly with great desire and love to do so.
The greater the measure of obedience, the greater the endowment of faith. And, faith leads to miracles!

I know that this is 100% applicable to your lives too. YOU can gain power with Heavenly help. Choose to be an agent, not an object! Choose to receive that power. Overcome your temptations and trials. Miracles can and will come about, big or small. (:

Over the whole conference it was deeply expressed how amazing President and Sister Randall are. And truly felt, too! And, like I have heard time and time again, that he really is THE BEST Mission President on the earth today. (Not opinion, that is doctrine.) I was promised that if I follow every word that they teach me, the rest of my mission and the rest of my eternity will be changed forever.

All that being said...
President got a phone call right after Zone Conference that day from President Russel M. Nelson and was asked to fill an assignment as an Assistant Secretary to the First Presidency. So, because of this exciting new calling for President Randall, we will be getting a new mission President on June 30th. :( my heart is very sad. But, I know God has greater things in store for the Randall's, and that whoever our new mission President is will be amazing, for they have big shoes to fill!

Also, Friday Sister Scott did something funny to her neck and was in a lot of pain and half of her back and her whole left arm was completely numb so we spent all of Friday night from 10:30 to Saturday evening at 5:30 in the hospital in the ER and getting tests done! Woo hoo! She is doing much better now, but is on pain meds and stuff so it's been an interesting few days.

Love you all so much,
Follow God, try again, He is cheering you on and so am I. (:

Sister Munson


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