May 14, 2018


Elkton, Maryland


Sister Scott

Wet Shoes

Hello everyone!

What another amazing week it has been. Sister Scott and I are just two best friends! It has been SO FUN. We have had so many funny stories this week where we just have fallen over dying laughing. Here is one of them...

So yesterday there was a baptism for this cute girl, Imany, who is in our ward. Her Dad has been struggling with some WoW issues for a while but has been working for months to become worthy so that he could baptize his daughter! He has been working so hard, going to AA meetings every day, everything you could name he is doing it! So this baptism was, like, a big deal. We were asked to fill up the font, which is really slow and takes 2 hours to fill. We started it at 4:30. We came back to check on it at 5:30 and it was about half way full but was freezing! So, cute Sister Scott took her shoes off and got in to unplug it for a second to drain a bit of the cold water out so that we could fill the rest with just hot water. We left for like 30 minutes, then I was on a phone call with an investigator and Sister Scott went to go check to see if it was getting warmer. Then, I hear this big splash and hear her say, "Noooo!" Thinking that she fell in, I was about to die laughing, but even worse.. she jumped in because somehow the plug didn't get put down all the way when we were draining some cold water out and the font was basically empty.... and the baptism was in 30 minutes. SO here we are. Me, not knowing what to do.. wanting to laugh but mostly cry. And Sister Scott, with her shoes and skirt soaking wet.. wanting to laugh but mostly cry. Because we wanted this baptism to be perfect for this family who worked so hard to get here!! hahahaha. Like what do we do?? So, we got it plugged, turned the water on full blast, and went to the kitchen and started filling up the big water jug in the sink. We went on for the next 30 minutes frantically filling the jug and taking it back and forth, pouring it in and hoping it would make a difference. It must have been quite a sight to see. But all said and done, the font was filled in time! (very cold nonetheless) - and truly was a miracle! And, the baptism was beautiful.

I guess there is a lesson that can be learned here. (sorry this may be a stretch)

Sometimes things just don't go as planned! We all sometimes make a wrong choice, a small mistake - or a big one. We all sometimes have something go wrong, planned or not. We all sometimes give something our all, and it still seems to fall short. But, in the end... in the grand scheme of things... God provides a way. I know that if we exhaust all of our efforts and give everything we have to the Lord, that He will provide a way! Just like Imany's baptism, He can help you too. Keep in mind that it may not be in the way that you want - I'm sure that Imany would have loved warm water for her baptism. But, He can help if we turn our will to His. He has from the beginning of time and He will continue to do so forever and ever. We just can't forget that we must do our part, too.

Well, I hope that you all have a great week! Love you all so much.

Sister Munson


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