May 7, 2018


Elkton, Maryland


Sister Scott

With my home girl

Another day another dolla... or... companion. (;

Yay!!! My new companion... Sister Scott! Basically my best pal and other half. We are almost two of the same person. Every day is so fun, we just relate in so many ways. Today, we are eating salad and going to Nordstrom Rack and ULTA because we both are obsessed with that - if that gives you an idea. She is from Washington and is so cute and tiny. We have had so much fun this week. Laughing and walking and working really hard! Oh..and sweating. Yeah, the humidity and heat really came on strong this week. I LOVE IT actually! But, I think I can't look cute though but that is okay hahaha. And, it has only just begun. Come mid-July, if you don't hear from me it is because I have melted.

This week has been a very special and spiritual week! Lots of working hard and walking and talking to people. Yes, the usual missionary stuff and all so good. But particularly I have had the most meaningful studies and personal time. My topic for this transfer is opposition. And specifically how to perservere through opposition. Something that I really need to learn how to handle and cope with. I mean, how does one find happiness and peace amoungst so much opposition?

Well, I challenge you all to go and read a talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin called Never Give Up from the October 1987 conference. This is my transfer inspiration!!!

He shares the opposition faced by three of my very favorites.. Job, Joseph Smith, and Jesus Christ.

And then goes on to say,
"Probably few of us will face opposition and obstacles like those encountered by the great ones I have mentioned. However, we each have our own challenges and trials to overcome as we strive to keep on the right course. Often the most important trials are those we must face and subdue privately within our own hearts.
I bear testimony that perseverance is essential to us in learning and living the principles of the gospel and that it will determine our progress as we strive to reach exaltation."

I am grateful for the strength that is found in the gospel and in Jesus Christ that helps me perservere through the hard times. And to perservere to the end!

I love being a missionary.

Sister Munson

P.S. If any of you see my amazing and beautiful momma this week, give her a big Mother's Day hug for me! So blessed to have the kindest, greatest, most selfless mother in the whole universe! You are beautiful, mom.


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