April 23, 2018


Newark, Delaware


Sister Durrant

One More Week


Another wonderful week it has been. So crazy busy, but so good!

We got to go up to Philadelphia twice this week which was a lot of fun! Last Wednesday, we got to go to the temple and do a session. So that was so so amazing to be inside and to be able to feel of the special spirit that is there. And then on Saturday, one of Sister Durrant's investigators from her last area was baptized! So, we got permission from President to go to it. The church is on the temple grounds.. so we got to be there again! Ah! It was just so great. She served in the YSA, so he is a cool guy named Collin. He actually is hilarious and just sooooo funny. The baptism was so special, it was so fun to see Sister Durrant enjoy a last big moment like that for her mission.. SHE GOES HOME IN ONE WEEK. So, this week we are going to try and soak up every moment that we can!

We are moving this Saturday to a new apartment (hallelujah) which will actually be in Maryland! Crossing the borders yee haw.

This will make it a pretty hectic week though because Sister Durrant has a lot of departure stuff. So, we need to balance that along with packing up the apartment, moving into a new one, moving Sister Durrant out, and still keeping up on our lessons and investigators! It's going to be great. (:

This week I have been thinking a lot on faith building experiences. For some reason I have felt down on myself because I feel like I can't relate to others because of my lack of large faith building experiences. You know what I mean? I feel that I don't have many personal experiences in my life of a large enough magnitude that really built my faith. I grew up in the church, I have a wonderful and loving family, I am healthy and happy, etc.. How could I possibly relate to someone going through incredibly hard things? How could I possibly share experiences with them that are significant enough to relate to them and their personal struggles?

I know it sounds weird to say that I have been struggling with the fact that I have had such a blessed life. Though, of course, I have faced challenges! I just have felt that they cannot compare to those that I am teaching...

The conclusion I have come to is that I was foreordained to be a member of this church. Born and raised into a great family. And given minimum trials and struggles.
And this is a BLESSING! But even more so, a great responsibility.
I have been picked specifically, out of the millions and millions of people in the world, to be born with this special knowledge! As have many of you!
And, I need to take this responsibility seriously with all my heart for all my life. To help and love and bring those less fortunate than myself to Jesus Christ.
And it is okay if I cannot empathize with any of their trials and struggles. Because Christ can. He knows them. He knows you. He knows me! And that is enough. He makes up the difference for my inadequacies.

I hope you all know that he makes up the difference for yours, too. Whatever they may be. Whatever the trial or struggle you are facing, if you feel that no one can relate, Christ can. I know He can! And He can make it better.

Basically missions are the greatest thing ever!!

I love you all lots.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Munson


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