March 26, 2018


Newark, Delaware


Sister Durrant


Well hello!!!!!!
First real life week as a missionary ever! What?

So if you can't tell I AM IN DELAWARE! Newark, Delaware. So, our ward we cover is half Delaware and half Maryland. So basically it is the coolest ever! Two states, one area!!

Also... very ghetto but I love it! Hehe. Our apartment smells super bad like weed so we are moving into a new one at the end of this transfer.. But for now it's an adventure hahaha.

My companion is Sister Durrant from Arizona. She rocks, holy cow she is amazing. I am SO blessed to have her as my trainer. She is kind and patient and a very obedient missionary. I am SO thankful to learn from her! I am amazed each day by her humility and heavenly talents. Eeeek. I love her.

This is her last transfer! So I am killing her off which is sad but also awesome.

We are doubling into this area.. our whole district is new. Completely white washed!!!! Hahaha it's so hard because the last sisters that were here had no investigators or anything... so we are just starting from ground zero. But it has been good and we have seen miracles!

Despite this... We had two investigators at church! Yay!! God delivers and answers prayers. I know this to be true!

Alma 37:33-37. A lesson I have really learned this week... Lean on the Lord for support, come to Him for every worry of your heart.. He will lift you, He will help you!

Being a missionary is hard in ways that I didn't realize would be hard.. But I am so blessed and thankful to be here!

God loves... Christ lives!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.. my challenge to you:

Prayerfully think of questions you need answered this week and watch all of General Conference. 💛 I know that if you do so with an open heart, God will answer you through His apostles!

All my love!
Sister Munson


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