March 6, 2018


Provo Missionary Training Center


Sister Bunker


Wow! What a week it has been!

I've realized that each night when I write in my journal, the first words have been, "Wow, what a day". hahaha I guess there really is no other way to describe missionary work than WOW!

So basically the MTC is the coolest, most speical place on the whole entire planet. I love it here so very much! I feel the spirit ALL THE TIME and have had some really special experiences. My companion is Sister Bunker from Bunkerville, Nevada. (I know hahaha so awesome) She is amazing!! I love her so much and we get along super well. We are both here to learn and grow and so it's super great to be able to soften our hearts and help each other do that. My district is awesome, man I love them all so very much! There are ten of us, and we spend a lot of time together. It's been great to get to know all of them and grow so close in just six days! We have two teachers, Sister Karren and Brother Tongish. They are the most amazing people in the world! And I have learned so much from them and their testimonies.

The schedule here is busy, but at the same time very flexible. Every minute of every day is accounted for and filled. But, we get to pick what we do within a lot of the hours. My district is in a pilot program so we are getting to have a bit of a different experience! We focus a lot on finding and having comfortable gospel conversation. We have only had like two lessons on how to actually teach discussions... which is kind of hard because we have three investigators (two that we found, and one is our teacher acting as a real person that she is close with that needs the gospel) so we are just having to learn how to teach as we go! It's awesome though, I love it!

One of the really special experiences we had the other day..

Sister Bunker and I were teaching our very first discussion to Dina (our teacher). We decided to share with her the plan of salvation. Really focusing on God's love for her and Jesus Christ. The discussion went really well, we were spot on with what she needed to hear. We ended with having her read D&C 18:10-11. The spirit was really there and we were able to talk with her of her great worth in the sight of God. And she started crying!!!!!!!!!! It was so so so special and the spirit was so strong. We ended with a very sincere prayer in her behalf and left feeling great! Sister Bunker and I were just crying hahaha. It was so cool to see that our preparation was guided by the spirit. And to have the spirit there in the lesson, and to see it in her eyes was even better.

If there's anything to learn... the spirit converts. We as missionaries are just the conduit. We have absolutely nothing to do with it!

I am so thankful to have this experience to be on a mission, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! I have learned so much in these last six days. I have been so humbled. I've really been able to recognize that I need to rely fully on Jesus Christ, and that I am SO FAR from being like Him.

But I am trying my best, and because of Christ's grace... that is enough. (:

The gospel makes me happy! Being here makes me happy! Missionary work is just HAPPY!

I think that a lot that has to do with it is others... focusing on loving and helping others all day brings me so much joy! I hope that you can find joy in it, too.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

"Seek to understand before you seek to be understood in all things".

all my heart,

Sister Munson


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