August 5, 2019


Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay


Here Comes the Bride

today was CRAZY. so started off the week in Asuncion. thats an 8 hour bus ride. get home tuesday morning at 6am. then go right to work planning the wedding and baptism we had this weekend! then on wednesday we headed down to Concepcion for zone conference which is a 6 hour bus ride. which was actually pretty fun, we did white elephant because we celebrate christmas in july here apparetly haha. and it was actually way fun. i think the funniest gift was that someone got coffee and diareah pills and another elder got a quaran lol! I got this elders hat that is leaving this week that i actually really like so yay for me i dont need to buy one anymore and i also got expired taco shells and taco seasoning. but the elders that gave it to me say they ate it the other day and they arent dead yet so... haha

My first Zone conference was actually pretty good but not in the way you´d expect. i as actully suffering the entire time. we even slept in the garage of a hotel haha it was an experience.
but during the whole conference my neck and head hurt so bad i had an awful migraine almost the whole conference and at the end I just went into an empty room with my comp and cried and cried, (my poor companion). but she was like whats on your mind and i was like hermana it hurts so bad. and I dont want to have to go home...and i could tell she was talking through the spirit because the next things she said to me where so profound and they were exactly what i needed to hear right then and she promised me so many things and i knew they were true. then right after i calmed down a bit and i got out my book of mormon and this paper fell out and I opened it up and the title of that paper was ¨why do we go through hard times?¨ and that paper had so many great things in it that helped me so much. what a miracle i experienced that day. god looks out for us in our hard times. ALWAYS. even if we dont notice it.

Then we got back on the bus thurday night and friday morning we start making preperations for the wedding! and it was a great wedding. they were so cute! it was a great time . great food and great cake.

then saturday was the baptism of the bride and she was so happy it was amazing. there was so much that happened but i dont have time to go into detail.

then sunday she was confirmed and again there were so many great things that happend that i wanna share but it will have to wait.

but i love you all and i love my mission. i cant wait to tell you what happens this week.!

Rohayhu hermana massey


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