July 29, 2019


Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay


Paraguay is Cancelled

So in Paraguay when it’s cold outside all the shops close and everyone just stays home. so this week it was so freakin cold I had to wear three layers and my beenie and I was still cold and it didnt help to come inside the house because its actually colder inside the house. you can see our breath inside our house lol. so thats way fun. i deffinetly underestimated just how cold paraguay would be. and its so freaking foggy! you cant see past ten feet in front of you its crazy and i just love that you can feel the humidity freezing into litte cristals and falling on your face. its just so fun!
but in all seriousness i love being a missionary. even though its physically spiritually and emotionally challenging. something about how im able to handle every little thing that comes my way with ease just helps me know that i was meant to be missionary and that God is helping me so much.

ps. for anyone who is wanting to serve a mission or is on a mission or you just want a good read please read the riccardi letter its so good and it will help you so much! just search it online and read it its amazing

I love you all i dont have much time and I had to go to asuncion today so i cant send pics but ask my mom for some and ill have them updated tomorrow.

Rohayhu hermana massey!


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