July 22, 2019


Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay


Undercover STL

today was pretty eventful. It started off pretty normal until we got a call on friday saying we were now honerary sister training leaders for our zone so we could do an emergency division because the other hermanas in our zone were having a lot of problems and they needed space from eachother lol so I got to do a lot of stuff this week that most people dont have to do their first couple weeks on the mission.
and it was sad because when we met up after divisions my comp told me that they went to visit my favorite investigator and she accepted to be baptized on aug. 17! i was just sad i missed it. shes so cute she said "it would be an honor to be baptized" i love her! but i got to be there to invite her son to be baptized and he was super excited too. so pray for daisy and christopher!
buuuut when I was on my division in the other area I got to talk with one of their investigators who was really strugling to know if the restoration was true and she was like ive been praying and i have no answer but im being patient with god i know he will answer (so faithful).
So we taught her how she could better receive her answer and at the end of the answer I felt so strong that we needed to pray with her so she could get her answer. So i was like Hermana if its okay with you can we kneel with you and have you pray for your answer and we can then take a few minutes after to just be silent and see what you feel. and she was like okay that sounds good. so she prayed and i was just praying in my heart like please please please let her feel something and I felt the spirit so strong and after a while i was like hermana how do you feel.
She was like Hermanas i feel something so strong and so warm right here (pointing to her chest) she was like hermanas its so STRONG and so WARM! I was like thats the spirit hermana! she was like this is my answer! i was like yes it is! she was so happy you guys it was the coolest experience! i love being a missionary so much.
Im so happy to be here.
so many blessings are coming my way!
-Hermana massey


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