July 15, 2019


Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay



Im in paraguay!! specifically in Pedro Juan Caballero. aka Pedro Juan. aka PJC. and here they speak what i like to call Poranish. because im right on the boarder of brazil they like to put a little portugese with their mix of guarani and spanish. its great haha. i had no idea what anyone was saying in church lol. but i can now bare my testimony in portugese so thats lit. and im slowly but surely learning some guarani its so hard its litterally gibberish haha.
I loooove being a missionary though. like every time we teach the first lesson which is actually quite a lot haha the people here love hearing about jesus. but like its amazing how storngly i feel the spirit when i share the first vision. every time i share my testimony is strengthened. being a missionary is all about converting the most importnant person. which is you.
My trainer is hermana Amado and she is from california. she only had 5 weeks left on her mision! so she has a lot of experience to share with me.
Also if you were wondering how many dogs wonder the streets around here i counted the other day and in one day i saw 139!
Also since were so close to the brazilian border and there are so many Narcos we need to be inside by 5:30 lol so thats great. we just do our studies at night.
I have so much to share and so little time but i love you all or in Guarani, Rohayhu!

dont be scared to email or send packages haha Im always craving popcorn and chocolate.


-Hermana Massey


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