August 17, 2015



Hermana Medina


First off, I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO Jerry and Zander!!! I hope you all have a great BIRTHDAY!!!! Wow. I cant belñieve that Transfer week is this Saturday!! This transfer has gone by super fast!!! Its soooo CRAZY!!!! We had an activity at the church last week, and we had a lot of less actives come, and a lot of people brought their friends!! Everyone made foods from different countries! Hna ortiz and I were assigned MEXICO, so we made TACOS!!! The young single adults had italy, and another group had The united states, and there were a lot more! It was great, and our bishop really liked the activity!!!!! HE also asked me to play my flute for sacrament this sunday, because he found out that i play the flute! My friend, Elder Jimenez, is letting me borrow his flute, so i am going to play for SACRAMENT this SUNDAY, and the Pres. from the Temple in Cordoba is coming, so i am a little bit NERVOUS! We got a new investigator this week! His name is Winckler!! He's super cool!! He's from Haiti, but he is studying in ARGENTINA! We were walking in Centro, and He was in front of us, and saw our name tags. He kept walking kind of slow, then he finally asked if we were Mormon  missionaries and we were just like "YES, how do you know??" He said, "first, I could tell you werent from argentina", and second, he said "there is a different feeling about you". He told us that he has a friend in haiti who is Mormon. His friend had given him a book of mormon and told him to read it, but never told him about the missionaries! We started talking to him, and he said he wants to know more! He actually knows a lot about the church, because of his friend, which is super cool!!!!! We had P day with our zone today and I have a funny story. We were playing soccer with the Elders, and I was trying to get the ball from someone, and I FELL STRAIGHT ON MY BUTT!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN AS A SISTER MISSIONARY!! It was kind of funny actually!!!! lol!!! I think that is about all of my STORIES for this week!!! I Love you all, and I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK!! OK, NOW I AM GOING TO SEND SOME PICTURES!!!!  PHOTOS FROM THE ACTIVITY!!! SORRY ITS BLURRY, but my camera was being weird!!  
*The tacos that we made!! 
*One of the groups that had the united states.
Oh, there is a girl in my ward who was a exchange student in west Virginia, and knows a lot of people from the Charleston STAKE!!!! She's super cool!!! And was so excited whenever I said I was from WEST VIRGINIA, and I was excited because she knows where it is!! haa haa, it was FUN!!!!! Thats all for this week, sorry not much photos! Next week there will be more, i promise! love yo ALLL!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!! HERMANA PERRY!! 


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