January 13, 2015



Hermana Wade

Today is my 5 MONTH MARK!! CRAZY!!!!

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Subject: Today is my 5 MONTH MARK!! CRAZY!!!!
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Hey EVERYONE!!!! These past couple weeks have been CRAZY!! We have been running all over the place!! My Birthday was great!!! We went Go karting with the District, that was super fun!! On my Birthday, we went to a members house, and they had made me a BIRTHDAY CAKE!! It was soooo sweet of them!! I went on Exchanges with Hermana Cornejo, she is from Chile!! Shes really coo!! It was fun!!!!  On a Collectivo!!! Hermana Woolley!!!!  Hee heee!! Hermana Mathews!!!! 

 Sol!!! Shes super CUTE!!!!! SHE is a recent convert!!!!! Ahhhhh I love her!!!! 
 The Sunset!! SO PRETTY!!! 
 A birthday Present the mission president and his wife gave me!! It was sweet of them!! 
 We walked up this hill, and saw this view!! We were on exchanges, we were trying to find this menos activo, but we never found them, this hill was HUGE!!!!!!! Its ok, we got a pretty view!!!! 
 Hermana Cornejo and I!!! This was the day of New Years Eve too!!!! 
 Look how big this hill is!! 

 Sandro, hes a member that came with us that day!!!!! 
 The HILL!!! 
Otro VEZ!!!! 
 this picture is blurry, but we were the only ones on the collectivo!! We were going to the members house who we had New years eve at!!!! IT was FUN!! 

Hermana Cornejo and I!!! 
 before we went into the house for the new years party!! 
and again!! 
New Years EVE!!! 
 one of the members that was there!! The whole WARD was practically there!! 

 The ward!!! Most of them!!! 
 The Other Table!! they are sooo sweet!! 
Hermana Woolley and I!! 

​Hermano Defina!! We had New Years Eve at his house!! 

 Go Karting!!!!! With the District!! SOO FUN!! 
 Go Karting!!! 
 This clock is famous here in Argentina!!! 
 My Birthday!! The Hermanas got me a present!! AWWW!! 
Again!!!  CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! 


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