February 16, 2021




Merry Christmas!

Monday- Pretty relaxing day. Not much to report.

Tuesday- We were tired of sitting around so we had a spontaneous yoga class with the 2 poses we know: cat and cow.

Wednesday- Texted everyone to set up lessons and invited people to invite friends to church. We volunteered at Barr Lake and put up Christmas lights. #WeArePros

Thursday- We packed dried mashed potatoes for light the world! We were officially adopted by the Henderson district again. We love having friends. We went caroling and I caused an identity crisis for Elder Hales. He will randomly start a conversation by acting like he's making a Vlog. He always starts these with: "Hey guys! Welcome back to the vlog! It's your boys!!" So he started this and I cut in and said "It's your girlz." He was so disappointed and so distressed. Eventually he decided that it never happened because he could handle it.

Friday- We are singing in church on the 27th and so we practiced with the other peeps who are playing piano and flute. We walked Brittany's dogs!

Saturday- We had bird service and Sister Borg mentioned that I had some bad dating stories and so of course the worst one of them all, the Michael story, was told. Even the Elders started listening in. But in these tender moments, it reminded me why I love to tell stories. There is nothing like getting a good reaction. Later, we went caroling and ran into another district and we combined forces. It was grand.

Sunday- Both Brittany and Sandy watched church! Yay!! And we got Indian food for dinner, it was so good!! The naan was killer and there was this mango fruit salad, let's just have a moment of silence that its gone now.


The only quote we remembered to write down:
-Sorry I called twice. It's not an emergency, I'm just passionate! -Elder Floyd

1.The gorgeous salad we received after we got a training saying we nee to eat healthier
2&3. Random pics


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