December 14, 2020



Dashing through the snow!

Merry Christmas!! It was an exciting week between defending Arizona's honor and caroling! I hope you all had a great week too!

Monday- Nothing super exciting, probably one of the most lazy P-days I've had!

Tuesday- We taught a lesson to the Bishop's family and we asked them what the Book of Mormon meant to them. Their kids range from ages 5-12 and we got the best answers. The funniest of them all was from the 5 year old who said, "If there was no Book of Mormon in the WHOLE world then we'd be in the depths of despair!"

Wednesday- We did service at Barr Lake, as we always do on Wednesday. We had a new group of people because transfers. So all the fun get to know you questions. Well, I made some joke about having a little heat tolerance and one of the Elders was from Texas and he straight up claims, "Texas is hotter." Kind of an end of story sounding statement. Now, I have lived in Az my whole life and if there is one thing I feel like we have claim to is being one of the hottest states. So I had to flex our Az heat.

Me: "Texas is definitely more humid."
(He fell into my trap)
Elder: "How hot is it in Arizona?"
Me: *Cue evil smirk on my part*
Also Me: "It gets up to about 120 degrees"
*insert casual shrug*
Elder: "Oh, that's hot."

Oh later that day we got mail so we decorated for Christmas!!!

Thursday- It snowed! We had a couple lessons and the one with Sandy was fantastic!

Friday- Snowed more! Did we carol while it was snowing? Of course! (How we got permission to carol, I don't know but we aren't fighting it.) Brittany is finally home from the hospital so we casually pushed our mini army of Elders to her house to carol a d it was so sweet. She started crying and the spirit was just so strong❤

Saturday- A member gave us a list of people we should carol to so we had to drive some but we got to make a lot of people's nights! A lot of the kids were super cute and one of them gave us popcorn as a thank you!

Sunday- If you couldn't tell, caroling has been the highlight of my last couple of days. Well, after caroling on Friday, there was this house that I really wanted to go to. They have gone all out on the Christmas decorations and they had went crazy for halloween too. So I kind of wanted to go there. So we did and they were super nice! We got their phone number and gave them the Book of Mormon! Caroling Miracles!!


"Elder, your making me blush!" -Elder Cano

"He got detractive." -May or may not have been me...


1. Out caroling with BoM
2. Cookies we made for LtW
3. My Christmas set up!!!🎅☃️🎄


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