December 7, 2020



Transfers: dun Dun DUN!!!!!

It was an exciting week but most of it probably isn't exciting to you so sorry if it's a bore! I love you guys and hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!!

Tuesday- We went to target and looked at all the Christmas things!!! We cleaned our oven too because it had been well used by us tges last 4 1/2 months and it was being a stinker cause it all cleaned out well and easy but the chemical smell wouldn't go away. 5 ever later we got it out and we made brownies. We were so excited to have these brownies and we had them before so we knew they were to die for. We talked to our Bishop and he asked us to do our thing and bake something for a family in our ward who has Covid. And after heart breaking decision making. We gave them the whole pan. We could have cut them up but it was already late and they were fresh out of the oven and it would have been a massacre.

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake and helped fix their Teepee. We also made brownies for us while Sister Wallace was packing. We got the transfer doctrine call and were told Sister Wallace would be going to Parker South and I was staying.

Thursday- Transfer day. I had to say goodbye to Sister Wallace and it was rough but we survived. On the bright side, I got Sister Griffeth and she is great. But she did break my Sister Wallace streak. We taught Sandy about prophets that night and it went well!

Friday- We had a "Combined District Meeting" which was basically like a mini zone conference. We were told we would could go caroling as districts to members so we are excited! Afterward, Elders Nascimento and Branson asked when story time would be and I checked in my creative story cabinet in my brain to find it was empty and the doors were broken so I told them I had nothing. If I did do something it'd probably be apocalyptic and Elder Nascimento said I should make it about Elder Branson and Elder Branson would be the Eugene of the story. (Walking Dead Reference.) He thought Eugene was a great character but I haven't ever been a huge fan of him so it was an insult in my book.

Saturday- I did something unwise. We got our of the car and I pushed the door closed and then I realized I forgot something and tried to stop it from closing. Well, you can probably guess what happened next. The door closed on my finger. Like clicked shut closed on my finger. Two things went through my mind. A) My finger shouldn't be able to fit in that crack and B) I couldn't remember for a solid 2 seconds how to open the door! It's okay, nothing is broken and I might lose the nail but it'll heal.

Sunday- We were asked to speak in church and it went well! Sandy came to see us talk and it was exciting. Then we gave her a tour of the church and she thought all the cool programs were amazing. The Christmas Devotional was broadcasted and it was incredible so if you didn't watch it, make time!


Ooh! I love bagpipes! -Sister Johnson (actually "back pops")

Maybe I have a pyromaniac inside of me waiting to come out! -Sister Wallace

That's her boyfriend. The chickens. She's polygamist. Surprise! - Sister Johnson

1. Fun Reindeer
2. Our service Crew
3. Talking to Brother Pinkerton
4. Me and Sister Griffeth (new comp)


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