November 23, 2020



Haunted Houses are Exciting!

Happy Monday! It's strange how most people hate Mondays but make it P-day and it's one of the best days in the week! I hope y'all had a great week, here is how mine went:

Monday- We went to Kelsey's house (she is the service coordinator at the Bird Conservancy) and we played board games with her! It was a blast! We played this Game called Betrayal at House on Hill. You get to explore a haunted house and we won! Kelsey is the best🥰

Tuesday- Brittany was still in the hospital so we texted some members and we cleaned her house. Later we were with other missionaries and there happen to be a deck of cards so I did the classic "Pick a Card" magic trick. So Elder Branson was like, I can do better and he takes the deck. He couldn't keep a straight face as he set up to shuffle the cards and let both sides flop one on top of the other. He then let me pick a card (aka only the top card, the rest were off limits) and he puts it on the bottom and then proceeds to go through the cards and try to guess which was mine. He got it and it was quite magical. I was nearly crying with laughter.

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake and we were trail building again but this time we were compacting it and getting it wet. Last week, Sister Wallace and I had been in charge of leveling it and making it flat. Arland for whatever reason always wants us Sisters to do things. So he moves us to do t he compacting part and has Elders do the leveling. Well, the Elders who were given the job don't have an eye for seeing if it was level and so there were waves in the trail. We did our best to point them out but they would start fixing it and then unfix what they fixed. We gave up, we are going to do another layer to fix them and other parts of the trail so we decided not to stress. We get to the end of the trail and Elder Weiss crouches and looks down the trail, somewhat disappointed. He said, "You can see where Elder Ellis and Hales started doing it. I am not saying it's bad, I'm just saying I've seen better..... when the sisters did it." And so the other Elders were like, "Why are we even here? The sisters are good at everything!" Which we aren't but it felt good to know we are pulling our weight cause usually we have heavy things to move or brute force is required to do a job and could we do it? Yes, eventually, but it's so much faster and looks less pathetic when they do it. So yes, we are very thankful for Elders. Plus the silly things they do and say are entertaining.

Thursday- We finally finished painting the house at Bird Service!!! We can finally do something else! At this point, Brittany still wasn't doing so good in the hospital and we got a text from her husband saying she just went into Emergency Surgery. (She is good now and is recovering nicely!) But that was stressful.

Friday- We walked dogs and we went to language study and Hermana Hunt finally learned how to roll her Rs so shout out to Elder Weiss for his good instructions. We watched President Nelson's video with some members and it was great. We even invited a couple of people to watch it like Kelsey. And she thanked us for sharing it with her and she has been posting gratitude posts! So we are betting she watched it😊

Saturday- We had zone conference and it took the entire day. We built boats out of card boards for a training and had to run around the building to find clues as to how to help free a tied up Elder (He was an investigator so we had to get members to help because members have the key). It was fun but we also found out we can't go into people's homes anymore and we can't be at churches. That was tragic news because we were going to go to Kelsey's house to play games again and we can't now. It felt like an icicle to the heart but it's okay, we are think of ways we can hang out. So it's a running joke that I am an Elder because Facebook says I am in our group chat and the plaque back home said I was an Elder too. So each group had one Sister but ours was and all Elders group.

Sunday- Not much happened except we tried to make cookies even though we didn't have brown sugar. We aren't very good. And we went to pick up dinner and the husband answered the door and he was saying he felt bad just leaving us outside while they were finishing prepping dinner. We ofcourse said we were fine. So we sat in the bench by their door. 30 Seconds later, the door swings open and their very angsty teenager says, "Here's your food" and throws us the food and closes the door. It was so abrupt and we couldn't help but laugh.

I'm gonna make my habitat the floor -Sister Wallace

He's like a well rounded fetus -Sister Johnson

Where the freak is that coming from? Am I in a movie? -Sister Wallace about dramatic music playing

We cracked the code! Code cracked! -Sister Johnson

"I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just saying I've seen better... when the sisters did it." -Elder Weiss

"I wonder why we've been together so long." -Elder Hales
"Maybe because we work so well together... or because you are a dis-O fetch" -Elder Leary

I don't have any positive ones but I can kill you...? -Kelsey!

This car smells good. It smells like sisters -Elder Cooley

"Random question, do you guys know how to braid?" -Sister Johnson
"What do you need? French? Dutch? Normal?" - Elder Leary

I forgot the pictures!!!

1.We are dorks
2. Building a Boat
3. The whole Brighton Clan
4. Cute pic
5. Crafting!
6. Safety First! Don't forget your seat belt! Even if your in a boat
7. Video- The Elders got excited when they were given taped...


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