November 9, 2020



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Good morning y'all. This week flew and I am not sure where it went! Thankfully that is what journals are for!! But I've reached a point at the end of the day I think back and only remember being busy but don't remember what I did that day. So here is how my week went:

Monday- We had a normal P-day but it was funny because we went into a member's home to pick up dinner and as they were packing it up, her kids start playing/yelling. As this was going on, we were still talking to her and she was like, "The sudden screaming doesn't phase you guys!" Which she looked relieved that we weren't bothered so thank you to all my siblings and cousins who have helped me get to this point. Who knew that skill would be helpful as a missionary?

Tuesday- We are having classic Thanksgiving lessons with members and we have been asking what is one object that has blessed your lives? At one home, the wife said her car, the son said his laptop and the husband said his wife! Haha!!! We also walked Brittany's dogs, Corbin and Copper.

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake and helped build a fence! We also put our hand prints in the cement that we poured. My hand print is the 4th pole starting on the front right corner of the pollinator garden counting to the left. We had a quick lesson with Brittany during her lunch break and it was great! She is trying to/doing good at reading the Book of Mormon everyday!

Thursday- We painted one of 3 walls at the Bird Conservancy. We finished sanding another and will paint it next time and the 3rd has a ways to go... We also taught Sandy! Last time we talked about the Holy Ghost and she wasn't a huge fan. We gave her a chapter to read about the Holy Ghost and said we would do some research on some of the questions she had. So we came in and she was super excited about how the Holy Ghost is like having a personal angel.

Friday- We had interviews with President Blake which are always exciting. But some of the things he said made it sound like I may be training a greenie next transfer but we won't know until we know🤷‍♀️ Last week, on Halloween, President Blake gave a lesson on the afterlife and so it been on my mind a little. And I read Mark 12:27 that says "He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living." God made it possible through Jesus Christ for us to be resurrected because He is the God of the Living. He loves us and wants us all to LIVE with Him. But unfortunately no unclean thing can be in His presence and we all make mistakes and sin so that's sucks. I'M KIDDING! God thought about that too! Jesus Christ preformed the Atonement which makes it so that we can forgiven and CAN live with God! I am so incredibly grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us and He thought of everything to make it so we can return to him. I am so excited!

Saturday- We woke up and decided to go clean the church only to find out other people were cleaning too and it happened to be our ward! It was a happy accident. While Sister Wallace was practicing Portuguese with other missionaries, I went with Hermana Hunt and refreshed some of my dusty high school Spanish I haven't used. We went to walk Brittany's dogs and she told us she wasn't going to be there but her husband was. So problem, we couldn't go in the house with him there and we didn't. So we had this awkward moment trying to get the dogs out the door but we did it! (This is important info for Sunday) We also took the trek out into no where to meet members who haven't been answering our phone calls or texts. These are the kind of members who are solid in the church and everyone kept assuming we knew them. So we HAD to meet them. We met one family and they were super nice and it was great. The sun sets super early here and so it was very dark when we decided to go to the next member home. We get there and there was a fork in the road and we thought it would loop around in the front of the house. So we went right. The lights are on only on one side of the house so we went towards the lighted area. It was a very strange front door and it didn't look like it was ever used so we suspected that this might not be the right door. So we walk around to the opposite side of the house and in the pitch black, we managed to find a very large door which is obviously the REAL front door. We just drove to their backyard and walked around like a bunch of creeps. We were praying that they weren't home so we wouldn't have to fess up about our mistake but the husband was home and said he didn't see our car and so we had to fess up.

Sunday- Brittany came to church!!! Also she has a surgery this week and so she also got a priesthood blessing and the spirit was so strong. She was crying and everyone else was crying. It was perfect. Later we were talking to her and our conversation strayed to talking about Sister Wallace being a social butterfly. I was like, only one of my wings has made it out of my cacoon. Sister Wallace then grabs my 'wing' and try's to flap it and obviously she snapped it. She sadly looks at her hands where my 'wing' was and she gave it to Brittany who sadly looked at it and somberly gave it back to me. They then tried to super glue and tape it back on. It was funny that Brittany just rolled with our weirdness but we were all dying with laughter. Also Brittany told us how she was talking to Matt and he said we didn't come inside. (We didn't exactly explain our rules that day) Brittany thought it was weird because the Elders had come inside when only she was home. (Which we had walked in after walking dogs when that happened so we lingered longer until they were out of the house. And we just forgot to say something to them) So we had to explain that they are both pretty new and probably forgot or didn't know the rules... fast forward we had some questions about some of the rules like is it allowed if there is an uneven number of guy and girls so we called Elders Branson and Nascimento to ask them. They said there would have to be an adult female there for us and adult Male there for them. So at this point, we were like, "Let's just let them talk to the Elders." So we asked if they could subtly remind said Elders of that rule. Elder Branson leans into the phone and asked, "What the fetch did they do?" It might of been one of those situations you won't know is funny unless you were there but it makes me laugh every time I think of that. But they said they would remind them, we pleaded for them to be kind about it but it's in their hands and in their ball park so I wash my hands of whatever happens.

-"Dinner is for the weak" -Sister Wallace
"You're weak" -Sister Johnson
"I know..." -Sister Wallace

-Your spirit animal is a sheep because you keep leading yourself to the slaughter. -Sister ZoBell

-The Rain Dance: it's like water bending but delayed! - Sister Johnson

Could you move the legs -Elder Branson

If he's AP the church isn't true -Sister Borg

That is my highly opinionated opinion -Sister Dempsey

I can't steal his clothes! That's against the dress code! -Sister Borg

Favorite object? "My wife" -Bro Weber

1.This house was ready for Christmas!
2. Sister Wallace bit her lip
3. Us after we took Brittany to church!
4. Sister Wallace drew me


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