November 16, 2020



Elders are...Special?

Good morning! I hope y'all's week was a blast. As of Wednesday, Sister Wallace and have been in-person companions for 100 days! (I had been exposed to Covid-19 the first week and she trained me virtually so we aren't counting those days.) Here is how my week went!

Monday- We had a Sisters brunch and made crepes! We definitely had too much fun making up random stories. Also, it snowed! Sisters Borg and Klein were late to the party and we were in the middle of a story when they called. Sister Murri picks up the phone and said something along the lines of, "We are in the middle of this story so talk fast so we can get back to it." 😂 This is when I realized my story telling 'skills' are powerful. We then skirted to the Henderson building because the Elders really wanted to show us something but wouldn't tell us what is was so we were very curious. We get there and Elders Cooley, Roberts, Branson and McDonald were showing us their feet because they got pedicures for the first time. It didn't stop there! Elder Branson had shaved his legs for the occasion!!🤣 And THEN McDonald turns to Cooley and yelled, "YOU'RE SCARED!!" And Cooley yelled it back and they said it back and forth again and again. Next thing, they are running out the door, barefoot, OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW!!! They run 100 yards out and stand in the snow for 30 seconds and run back. They did this whole ritual of yelling "You're Scared!" and running into the snow 4 ot 5 times. If nothing, at least it was entertaining for the rest of us.

Tuesday- We helped Kelsey (she works at the Bird Conservancy) move into her new apartment and we got to organize her books! And I told her about the book I Am Number Four and she was like "that loosely reminds me of this show called the 100..." I died of joy. It is my favorite TV show and it's on Netflix but I will warn you it is not for the faint of heart and there is a bit of gore. We were able to teach her the first vision but she isn't super interested, happy to listen but content with how life is going for her. She also gave us a box of things she no longer wants so we got cups, jewelry and random food!

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake and were trail building. I'm a pro and now I can put that on my resume! During service, we learned Elder Beal has been living under a rock. He doesn't know what Old Town Road is, hadn't heard the term "peanut gallery" and he hadn't had McDonald's (fast food not the missionary) until he was on his mission. Completely and utterly shocked, I said something like, "What rock have you been living under? We should call you Patrick."

Thursday- We are still painting at the Bird Conservancy. We have one more wall we still need to do. We had District Council which was fun. We then picked up dinner and the member was super stressed out because she had this craft she had to organize and people who were going to help had canceled. So we helped her and then scurried to our lesson with Sandy. We were able to help Sandy understand the promises made when you are baptized and it was pretty sweet. Sadly, she hasn't gotten a testimony of the church yet but she will get there. After that we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders (STLS). So I went with Sister Borg!

Friday- I had a a wild dream. So I have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, right? And in my dream, I used it and the government thought I was strange. At the same time, of course there was an alien invasion and so they thought I was with the aliens! So they imprisoned me but I escaped. But there were wanted pictures of me everywhere. Meanwhile, I was still trying to do missionary work and thankfully wearing masks helped disguise me some so I didn't get turned in again. It was stressful and intense. Sister Borg and I talked a lot and it was the best! Sister Borg is one of the best people I know and I am so grateful to have gotten to meet her. Everyone should have a Sister Borg in their life. #fearless

Saturday- We helped clean the church and got to mingle with members. I love the Barr Lake Ward. Later, we were going to get flowers for Brittany and the Zone Leaders wanted us to make blueberry muffins so they said they would buy the blueberries. To save us the trip they were already making, they offered to get the flowers for us and we were like, "Not that we don't trust you to pick flowers, but we don't trust you to pick flowers." And Elder Barber pleads back, "I've been on several dates and to multiple dances, I can do this!" But we really wanted to get the flowers so we did.

Sunday- We went to church and we had a couple of member lessons. One family was talking about dinners and how they are getting tired of the same foods they are making. Bro Wilson only really likes potatoes and meat and there is only so much you can do. So I recommend something my grandma makes a lot and it's a family favorite: mashed potatoes with swedish meatballs and gravy. Its delicious and I didn't realize it was a weird thing most people haven't had until I got out here. So they are going to try it! They also told us that missionaries hadn't helped them clean the building in the past and that they loved us being there. (Not gonna lie, after my dad was the ward janitor for a year or 2, I just find a lot of peace in cleaning churches.)

Brittany- So I decided to give Brittany her own section this week. She went into surgery Wednesday because multiple problems in her abdomen. The surgery was suppose to take 8 hours but only took 4! Which was exciting but she was supposed to get out of the hospital Friday evening but her recovery is having some complications and she is still in the hospital and is waiting to get a CT scan so please keep her in your prayers.

We teach people how we want to be treated

I just got so excited talking about how I was a hoe -Sister Murri

Guess I'm an Irish tough guy too -Sister Fairchild

This is what you do when you don't have Netflix -Sister Johnson while she gets paper wet and rips it apart

I only need these two -Sister Borg about no bake cookies

You had seconds of everything tonight -Sister Klein

She's going to make me back her up because she didn't want to put on her blinkies -Sister Johnson

What?? She hates ME?? -Sister Johnson (Actually said Sister Erickson hates zoom)

Here let me talk to my secretary...hey, Elder Nascimento! -Elder Branson
I ain't your secretary!! -Elder Nascimento

Dude!! We can be companions...but roommates -Sister ZoBell

I'll be your vid angel- Sister Johnson

Theres so much to live for! Theres 4 more seasons!! -Sister Borg

At least they have leg hair as a fur coat -Elder Branson

They're like the Cadillac of feet -Elder Cooley

I don't ask questions. I just laugh -Sister Klein about Sister Miranda

Not all caves are for making out -Sister Borg

I'm sorry, we didn't take pictures of us this week... our bad. But here are drawings of missionaries as objects!

1. Elder Nascimento + Banana = Nanascimento
2. Sister Wallace + Flower = Flowallace
3. Sister Murri × Podium = Podiumurri
(Didn't take pictures of these but here are their honorable mentions)
- Hermana Hunt + Shoe = Shunt
- Elder Branson + Can = Canson


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