November 2, 2020



Honey! Where's my caaaaar?

Good morning!! I hope ya'll had a wonderful halloween!! Here is how my week went:

Monday- We carved pumpkins!!!! And I talked to my fam.

Tuesday- We visited with members with lemon bars and we got to meet Kristina who is living with the Lloyd's. She doesn't know much about the church so the family is being beautiful member missionaries!!! We met with the Bishop and his family and they are the cutest. Actually, I have a question. When do y'all think is okay to listen to Christmas music? I don't listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving but Sister Wallace wants to listen to it, but she wantes to start 2 weeks before Halloween. I think I am a minority in waiting but I was just curious.

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake and shoveled lots of snow and helped drill/dig holes for a fence. Then We skurtled over to Brittany's and we walked her dog, Copper. (Her other dog was at the vet and got surgery because he ate things he shouldn't have.)

Thursday- We once again went to the Bird Conservancy and continued to sand and prep to paint. Then we walked Copper again. (Its been a good way to see and talk to her every dayπŸ˜‚ We use what we are given). While we were walking, we also found a phone! We talked to the neighbors but they said it was not their's. The phone said it had water in it so we put it in rice for a day. Happy News!! We are teaching Sandy again!!! Her life has calmed down a lot and she is in a much better mind space. In the last hour of our missionary day, our Zone Leaders started this contest. Who ever set up the most member lessons would get Dutch bros. An hour of calling and texting people and we came back with a total of 7. (We were just super blessed because that is the fastest anyone has ever responded to us). We were so proud of ourselves and we were sure we'd win. Other companionship announce their totals and we had a 3 way tie between us and 2 other companionships. So they said if anyone gets back to us that night it counts and if not, who ever sets up a member lesson first after 10 am the next day wins. 15 minutes later, one of our ward members got back to us! So we were declared the winners.πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Friday- The mysterious phone we found had an email attached to it so we emailed it and were able to meet up with the guys wife and return it. Their car had been stolen earlier that week and the thief must have ditched the phone but she was so glad that "there are still good people in the world." So we are glad we helped them and made their week a little better. We walked Copper again that was fun. Her other puppy, Corbin, was brought home at some point so that was good and he is doing perfectly fine.

Saturday- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!πŸ•·πŸŽƒπŸ‘» We spent the day visiting with members and helping them with yard work. We walked BOTH dogs this time and we thought Corbin was going to be crazy hard because he is twice the size of Copper and Copper has a pulling habit so his brother was most likely going to have the same thing. He actually did better then Copper. He pulls more crossing streets but he didn't bark at Halloween decorations and wasn't looking to bark at other dogsπŸ˜‚ We had a 7pm curfew because of Halloween so we cleaned and the ZLs brought us our promised Dutch Bros!!! It was grand.

Sunday- So, we wake up and get ready for church. We are asked to share our testimonies, Brittany was ready and on her way to church and we go outside to where we parked our car and it wasn't there. We were so confused. Our apartment didn't have parking permits, we parked in a parking spot (not even a handicap one). Our car was stolen! We had been trying for a month to get Brittany to church and our car goes missing the day she does!! We called the church car coordinator and then the police and we get a call back later telling us that it was towed! We find out our apartment complex does online permits so they are INVISIBLE. Even past missionaries had told us there was no permits and any emails we would have gotten that would have informed us goes to the mission office. And we have been here for 3 transfers and hadn't been towed before. So we entirely missed the memo. We got the car back and everything was smooth sailing from there. We got a call from our Bishop and he asked us if we wanted to take the sacrament! So we went to his house where he and his family had a little sacrament meeting just so we could take the sacrament. They asked us to share our testimonies and it was perfect. All the negative emotions from the morning were replaced with peace. Being newly recharged, we then had lessons with 3 other families that went well and then we came home, parked our car where it wouldn't be towed. (We have to go online to get the parking pass which we don't have access to on our phones.)

-I'm not a fan of jelly because it doesn't spread evily -Sister Wallace

-There're cars coming but it's clear until they get here -Sister Wallace

-She's attached in a leech sort of way -Sister Wallace describing someone in her family who she does adore

-Christmas music, CHRIST!!!! -Sister Wallace


1. This is Copper!!! πŸ•
2. We found a Teepee
3. We went inside the Teepee and I pretended to be a fire
4. My pumpkin!
5. Is killing it. We are just cool like thatπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
6. We got our car back! πŸš—
7. Both our pumpkins together πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ


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