October 27, 2020



Hi, I'm Elder Johnson!

Happy Monday!!! I love you all and these intro paragraphs are getting repetitive but I swear I sincerely mean it every week. I hope ya'll had a wonderful week and here is how mine went:

Monday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER AND LAURA!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Other than that, it was a pretty chill day. We hung out with other missionaries and played mafia. Funny thing about that is that I can't help but smile when I'm uncomfortable, even if I'm innocent. And I smiled when Elder McDonald said something to me and I was suspected to be the mafia. I somehow survived until the end but still lost because the mafia had me out numbered...

Tuesday- We woke up to news that one of the Elders in our district was sick and may have COVID. (He was tested and it came back positive) So that put most everyone into a scare because we had that zone service where we planted trees. Everyone he hung out with on P-day tested negative though so we were fine. We adjusted our graph. I don't think I shared it last week but I explained it to my mom so if you need further explanation, contact her or conveniently show up while I am video chatting them. Also, a sweet old lady got us shoes! She was worried our feet would freeze with the incoming winter!

Wednesday- Sister Wallace woke up coughing so to be on the safe side, we self quarantined and then Sister Wallace realized she hadn't been taking her allergy medicine and there has been a lot of smoke in the air. So we were perfectly fine. We had a lesson with Brittany and it was awesome!

Thursday- We went to the Bird Conservancy and sanded the soon to be painted wall until we got to cold. Then we helped put together little bag handout for elementary kids. For some reason the other sister think I'm wise... I don't know if I agree but I will confess I know a lot of random cleaning and some cooking hacks. We also started our exchanges later in the day so I spent that evening with Sister Klein and we told some scary stories!!! I love Halloween season👻🎃

Friday- Sister Klein and I had a wonderful day and shared a lot if fun stories. We decided to have dinner together after we exchanged back and being the newest of the 4 of us, I don't know nearly as many missionaries as they do. Well they were talking about an Elder and somethings that he did/said and I wasn't following what was funny about it. But they were all nearly rolling on the floor with laughter. Then seeing I had no idea what was funny about it made them laugh harder. When Sister Wallace then decided to try and share why and she started with, "He is an Elder," and I couldn't help myself. This was my moment. I HAD to make a big deal out of this information I already knew. I gasped dramatically and leaned forward over the table, "HE'S AN ELDER!!!" Then we were all dying of laughter.

Saturday- So, on Sister Wallace's phone on facebook, it has said that I am Elder Johnson. And we found out it says the same thing for everyone else when I sent in our plan for the day in the zone group chat and one of the Elders was like, "Thank you Elder Johnson!" And to add a cherry on top, on my plaque that they hang up in the church, it also was engraved that Elder Mikayla Anneli Johnson is serving in Colorado! So I shared that picture and everyone got a kick out of it. Later, we visited new member who moved into the ward and they are fabulous and love to share the gospel. I am excited to get to know them more. We visited Brittany too and we went with her in her walk with her dog. We talked for a while and she somehow got my exciting Micheal story out of me. But it was great.

Sunday- It snowed!!! I drove in the snow for the first time too. I basically professional now. I hit ice and I was able to stay calm and get out of the slide. It was exciting. Sister Wallace made a snow angel before church. We also got to listen to an amazing ministering lesson by our favorite, Sister Hunt!! A story was shared about a woman who lost her husband to suicide and no one in her ward reached out to her. She said she'd prefer someone come to her and say they don't know what to say over them saying nothing at all. It was a nice reminder that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone in order give comfort to other people.

Random Quotes!

-It's not gonna feel real until you get married -Sister Borg talking about Sister Klein going home

-It's an emotional handslap -Sister Wallace

-Let me feel your nymphnodes -Sister Johnson

-The dudes like yoda but with wood -Elder McDonald

-To you that is the vocal point-Elder McDonald

-Sis Johnson leaves the toilet seat up because she's actually an elder - S. Wallace

1. ME when I'm waiting for Sister wallace so we can take a pic
2. Fun pic I guess...?
3. It snowed and we were getting the mail for our neighbor
4. Caught her as she was drinking milk, half way expected it to end up on the ground!
5. Pic we used for our 7th tip on how to share the gospel
6. The beautiful chart that explains how girls see guy


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