October 19, 2020



Strike 3!!! We're not out....?

Good morning everyone! Not too much happened this week, transfers oddly took up a large part of the week. But a lot of sweet things happened so this is how my week went:

Monday- I don't know if I mentioned this but Sister Wallace and I were adopted into another district so they are the one's we hang out with and talk to and the ones we spend P-day with. So we had a group breakfast and played some games. Transfers were happening later this week and we were really worried about a lady we were teaching because 2 days before, she told us she has a hard time getting close to people and we were positive that we were going to get transferred out. Well we had a lesson with her and during the lesson, I felt a calming peace and the thought, "She's going to be okay." I am super grateful that Heavenly Father answers prayers and I wouldn't trade the gift of the holy ghost for anything in this world.

Tuesday- All our service was canceled so we made S'mores cookies and delivered them to people. Later, there were a bunch of missionaries at the Henderson building and we were signing transfers journals and it was interesting and entertaining to say the least.

Wednesday- We got our transfer doctrine and Sister Wallace and I are staying together for a 3rd transfer! We are breaking records🤙 We also carved pumpkins which was funny because I am a little allergic. The missionaries were all freaking out when I got close/actually helped carve it. Later we found out Sister ZoBell was being transferred and Sister Borg became our Sister Training Leader. Many tears were shed on my behalf and then she started crying. Moral of the story, don't cry. Some elders came by while we were crying and the poor fellas were just so confused, concerned, but very confused.

Thursday- Our districts were rearranged and we only lost 3 missionaries to transfers in our zone. We went carp wrangling and we caught 122 fish! Sister Borg and her new companion's apartment use to be an Elders apartment so we helped them clean caked food off of walls, attempted to remove the mold in the shower and still there is more to do...

Friday- We planted trees! 🌳🌳🌳 It was supposed to take 4 hours but the whole zone came and it was done in an hour🤷‍♀️ It was Elder Borla's Birthday and so we made a cake for him and went to the STL's apartment and watched a zoomed call in which the mute button was turned off somehow and so the entire mission may or may not have have heard us talking about cuddle puddles😂🤣😂

Saturday- We sanded a wall of a part of a house and helped clean up a blood and food drive. There may be vampires there because the strange combo of doing a food and blood drive at the same time. We went to a Harry Potter 9 3/4 party cause the baby turned 9 months and some. (They aren't having a 1 yrs old party) It was a blast! Also, has anyone seen that video of the hot and crazy matrix of how guys see girls. It has been a big debate and so we made one of how girls see guys.

Sunday- It was a normal day. We went to church and taught a bunch of lessons so we were busy all day. Nothing exciting to report!

Random Quotes!!

We've got a freezer full of frozen stuff -Ellia

Albatross is a prison right? -Elder Cook

I saw your puffin down there -Elder McDonald

My ancestors don't have a good time living....I guess no one's does -Sister Johnson

Elder cook gets in Sister Wallace's face, getting ready to tell her that he does care as our adopted District Leader, very intensely says, "Sister Johnson"

No one wants what your body has. It's disgusting -Sister Borg

1. At bird service
2. Our adopted district
3. We carp wrangling!!!


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