October 5, 2020



I Saw A Horse

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope General Conference was as good for ya'll as it was for me. Anyway, here is how my week went:

Monday- We started our day making the journey to the mission office where we got a new car! 🚗 It only had 53 miles on it! And yes, it had the new car smell😎 We deep cleaned for conference and Sisters Zobell and Borg came over and made quiche. We also took the paper Buffalo Run area book to the new Buffalo Run Elders and they are interesting... Well Elder Hales is while his companion, Elder Leery (who is brand new), keeps apologizing for his actions. Anyway, they asked if we had any pamphlets and we did in our car so we went to our car, they tried to take it again but I had been leaning on the door behind the driver door. So when he opened the door, intending to get in and I just slipped in and thanked him for opening the door for me. He was upset by his failure and walked away dramatically with his head hanging.

Tuesday- We made little general conference invites that we gave people when we visited with scones. While we baked scones, we predicted/made up stories about each other's futures which was entertaining to say the least.

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake where we spray painted a giant roll of hay to look like a pumpkin and then the went and built saw horses! (Yes, the title of this email was punny!!!) I named mine Skirddle😊 Sister Wallace got a splinter that I later dug out. While we were at service, we were told our weekly district council meeting would be at noon instead of the normal 1:30pm and we had already said we'd be helping out until noon. Well one thing led to another, and our District Leader said that was fine and to come to district council in our service clothes. So we did. Later that night we went to take scones to Brittany and we brought a ward member with us. We got there and they clicked instantly! We were there for about 20 minutes and then we looked at the time and it had been a lot more than 20 minutes... but they talked during most of it and they exchanged numbers. We have been trying to get them to meet for the last 2 or 3 weeks and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Thursday- We did service at the Bird Conservancy where we weeded and we extended our future predicting game with the others sisters. Sister Wallace, Sister Zobell and Elder Nacimento all speak Portuguese. So we had language study, Sister Borg, Elder Cook and I practiced our english while they practiced their Portuguese. We had a lesson with Brittany and last minute we scrapped what we planned and talked about trials and it was an amazing lesson.

Friday- We picked tomatoes for Sister Hunt that morning, had housing inspections and then went to Barr Lake. The head Ranger asked us to come and help them dig out an ATV that was stuck in the mud. The ATV had been sunk in the mud to its frame and getting any where near it resulted being in knee deep in the mud. With time and many wood pieces that we had to balance on and get under the ATV, we got it out!!! We prepped for the coming war by putting on war paint and then we had a mud fight. Later, after we were cleaned up, we were eating dinner when we got a call from Brittany! She asked if we wanted to meet her kids and so we got to see them over zoom and they are so cute!! It was a pretty great day up to that point but it was the whipped cream and cherry on top.

Saturday- General Conference took most of the day and you know it's good when all your questions get answered in the first 4 talks. I love how David A. Bednar talked about how we are given tests to help us learn and progress. He also talked about studying for the tests that will come and how doing so will make them easier. His talk reminded me a lot of the 6 P's my parents taught me when I was younger. Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I know that as we diligently study our scriptures, pray and turn our hearts to Heavenly Father, He will help and support us through our trials. But it may not be how we expect. COVID has caused a lot of stress for my family as I am sure it has for all of yours. There has been many mental breakdowns and struggles to understand all the different classes in school. But through this, I have seen my family come together. I've seen my sister stepping up to help with technical difficulties to calm several stressed out people. Luke is always trying to get everyone to smile and laugh. My mom has successfully worn more hats then she has had to wear in the past. My dad is working exhaustingly hard both at work to provide for our family and at home. My brothers, who are the hardest of workers, are working beside my dad as they trim bushes and do other things around the house. I may have rambled a bit but my point is, we have prayed for this pandemic to come to a conclusion so we could have relief from the daily struggles that came with Covid-19, those prayers for relief have been answered as my family members have taken on each other's burdens. Heavenly Father prepared my family for COVID by giving us each other.

Sunday- Conference Part 2!!! Jeffery R. Holland recognized that we are struggling and he affirmed that God is hearing us as we pray and He cares. But He has a plan and it is what is best for us. This isn't fun but it is making us stronger. I trust God with my whole heart, I know that He loves each and everyone of us more than we could possibly imagine. And I know that He has a reason for what is happening and that's enough for me.

Random Quotes:
-We found drugs, we found them from a dead person. Oh that's okay. -Sister Zobell

-I cant decide if I want chips or not dont stroke my leg Wallace -Sister Wallace

-We love life stories. They're like books but in real life -Sister Wallace

-I'm feeling a weird vibe here. Probably because I'm here. -Elder Hales

-Does that have dehydrated water? -Sister Wallace

- I may have a Frozen bandaid but that doesn't mean I can't go potty on the toilet by myself -Sister Zobell

- You're not ready for the whole cross yet. We'll start with the splinter -Brittany

- I'm a princess. I do not slap horses' butts

- I'm really excited to be a candy cane mushroom -Sister Johnson

- AHHHHH!!! IT JUST KEEPS GOING!!!!! (Sister Wallace was proof reading my email😂)

1. We got the ATV out!!!!
2. After mud fight
3. Us (for kicks and giggles)
4. My nest I found!!
5. My saw horse!!!
6. War Paint


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