September 21, 2020



Drug Dealing Sisters

So this week flew by and looking back, I can't believe some of the things we did happened only a week ago. That's what being busy does for you but anyway, here we go!

Monday- After trying to befriend the new Elders, I have a new understanding. Last transfer we were told we were "cool sisters." Which I thought it was funny but didn't think much more about it. But I understand now that there are "cool elders" as well and all the Elders in my first transfer fall in that area where the new ones are just okay. But on the bright side, the new sisters are amazing so we are not lonely! We made brownies with the Sister ZoBell and Sister Borg and we shared some fun college stories.

Tuesday- We finally got to meet Sister E!!! We were in the past prevented by the weather and car issues...(aka Sis Wallace forgot the car needed gas😂). We got a lot of fun work stories seeing that she works as a librarian at a prison. Her husband is not a member and he was getting home when we were leaving so we waved and HE WAVED BACK, so progress! We made scones and in the first batch I forgot to put in the butter🤦‍♀️ But the second time around, it was not forgotten and they tasted really amazing. Never thought I could bake something so well!

Wednesday- We went to Barr Lake and we are helping organize the junk yard which I think is a lot of fun. There is this fun metal tent thing we moved, I think I will make it my new home because that is just what you do sometimes🤷‍♀️. Also, Michelle had caught a raccoon in a trap and so I saw my first live coon! After, we went to district Council and our District leader is over 5 girls and he lost control over the 3 sister training leaders by the end. But over all it was a lot of fun! I got packages from home!!! Most importantly, I got the liquid gold of paradise and have been delighting in the joy of consuming it. (I got salsa from home😂) We got 12 free Crumbl cookies! We shared with some Elders, people we did service with and we took some to a new family in the ward. We got to sit in on a lesson with Brittany, who Elders Cooley and Bell found through service and are trying to hand her off to us because she is in our area. She is super sweet and listening to her life story and trials, she is incredibly strong.

Thursday- We went to the Bird Conservancy with Sisters ZoBell and Borg and we pulled weeds that were on and around the hiking path and we pulled a whole dumpster worth of weeds. After, the lady in charge came over to us and was thanking us for all the service we were doing and she gave us free tshirts and mugs! Later, the sister came over and we taught them how to make scones. With our fresh supply if scones, we decided to take it to an inactive family. So we take it over to the the family and the mother's 30ish old son answered. So we gave the whole speech about being the missionaries in the area and we handed him the scones. He asked a question and innocent Sister Wallace thought he said wheat. But how it went down was he asked, "Is there weed in it?" And Sister Wallace answered with a confident "Yes!" And they guy proceeds to tell us, "Man, you're going to hell!" We did back track and fix the misunderstanding but for a moment there, we were drug dealers and it was exciting.

Friday- We made more scones, and double checked to make sure we left the weed out. It was Sister Wallace's year mark so to celebrate, we went out for lunch with the Sisters. I had Pho for the first time and I got mine with steak, tendon and tripe. It was good, a lot of the textures were off putting but I survived and I would do it again. We visited an interested family who was referred to us (with more scones ofcoures). And we were able to set up a time to meet with them! We called this guy from area book and he wants to meet with us but his wife is not religious and so he said he needed to check with her to see if doing so was okay. So pray that her heart can be softened. Also, Sister Wallace learned how to use reverse psychology on me.... and it worked.

Saturday- We went to Relief Society conference and went to Sister Mark's house and pulled more weeds. We had another lesson with Brittany and we got to lead it so that was exciting! Also we invited her to come to church and she said yes! We took more scones to less active families😂 Sister Wallace and I had a weird moment where we we sitting at the kitchen table and we both leaned back and flipped our hair at the same time. We were both pretty spooked and we will strive not to do that again.

Sunday- Brittany came to church!!! It was great and we are meeting with her tonight! I our other ward, the Hassel fam brought 2 people who aren't members who are our age, boyfriend and girlfriend. The girl, Emily, was very quiet and she seemed uncomfortable but as we kept talking, she opened up and she was saying things like, "I don't know how you broke through my shell but I am excited to have new friends." Her boyfriend on the other hand didn't want anything to so with us or church so hopefully he will warm up to us some as we get to know her!

Random Quotes:
-"I had her pinkie toe and now I want more!" Sister Wallace

-"It's weird to see y'all in clothes!" -s zobell

-"The second coming is gonna be next transfer" -Elder Borla

-"Oh here we come. Never mind, that was weird. That was a weird thing to say..." -Sister Borg

-"So cats really like my meow -Sister Johnson (best pick up line ever)


1. Us with Sister Borg and ZoBell at service
2. Lunch with the sisters!
3. My new home
4. Our scones
5. Sis W year mark pic of her being more then 10 ft off the ground
6. Brittany came to church
7. I found gold knives!


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