September 7, 2020



The sky is falling!

Hey guys! It's been another wonderful week and guess what?! Wednesday, I have been living the missionary life for 2 months! With that in mind, let's jump in!

(For those who are new to my email. The Goats are one group of 4 Elders and The Ogs are another group of Elders)

Monday- We got to meet up with the Goats and played some board games! Elder McCullach found Rummikub for $2 and we played and I won. He let us borrow it and we have played many games throughout the week and I love it! Also, we have this thing going on called Bestie Passes. It's pretty self explanatory as far as if you are gifted a Bestie Pass, who ever you give it to is your bestie. I gave one to Elder Klien the second week after I got there and he still had not given it back. He kept apologizing that he forgot it and I said, "I accept it." And after he gave out a sigh of relief and Sister Wallace was starting to become outraged that I would do such a thing, I had to clarify that I accepted that he didn't want to be my bestie. (Spoiler I got the bestie pass later in the week so we are good👍)

Tuesday- We went to Barr Lake again this week and we finished filling in the flower boxes with the Goats help. Later, we taught the Wolfmeiers the plan of Salvation using hopscotch! There were two 10 year old girls and they loved it. Also, we started painting rocks for a lady in the ward who is less active because she has dozens upon dozens of painted rocks in her front yard. While I was painting, the brush broke in two... I managed to fix it though. Also we got a service referral from a lady in the Reunion ward who use to live in Buffalo Run.

Wednesday- We went to Barr lake with the Ogs where we helped dig up old poles and the cement that was holding them. We also helped move a picnic table to the archery range where we talked to a guy who goes bow hunting on a regular basis. That was fun and the Ogs had appointments wo they left before us and we helped Steve cut up some wood pallets. So we took extra random food we had to the Ogs later and then we headed out to meet a less active member. (Which I'm not exactly sure how to unclassify some one less active when technically everyone is less active because of the limited in person church)
SO we were driving and just talking. The car beeped and Sister Wallace gasped, "Oh Shoot!" Turns out we were nearly out of gas. We pulled over and she was talking about who we should call and I told her let's try to make it as close to a gas station as possible first. She then asked if we should call the STLs because she couldn't suffer the endless teasing the Elders would give her. I supported that decision over the Elders too and she called the STLs. Sister Bell teased her some and told us to try to get as close to the gas station as possible and call them when we ran out. After a tense 11 miles of driving on empty, we made it to a gas station so all as well. I finished painting my rock for the member and started painting another one because Sister Wallace was still working on hers. The ZLs brought us cookies which was very sweet of them

Thursday- We went to Sister Hunts house and helped her weed her back yard again. Sister Wallace hadn't ever seen the Phantom of the Opera and didn't know the basic story so I told her the story. We made S'mores Muffins which were pretty decent and took some to another less active family who had just moved into the ward and their last name was Spotted Elk. What a cool last name, right? We go there and this is how it went down.
"Hello, is this the Spotted Elk's home?"
"No, my last name is Robinson."
"Oh, we are sorry. Do you happen to know if the Spotted Elk live near by?"
"They live here." (We are somewhat confused)
*Another lady comes to the door*
"How did you know where we live?"
*Stumbles through explaining we have a database in the church and it's the families responsibility to update their address*
"We don't have any ties to the church."
Suggested maybe someone else in their family updated it. We left feeling super uncomfortable and like these super stalkers even though we did not do anything...
Anyway, the Goats visited us with 7 layer bean dip and we gave them some of our muffins. I learned that Elder McCullach likes to read and that shocked me for some reason that I still can't figure why it did.

Friday- We helped Maryanne clean her windows and weed her gorgeous garden. She is such a sweet lady and we got to hear about her family who sadly have all passed away. I think I'm going to adopt her and she loves us so it works out. We finally met with Sandy and she told us that life was getting too busy and to try again in a month😥. But after that, we were chilling outside when we met Gail. Her dog Kodiac really wanted to meet us so we talked to her and we are getting referrals from her of people who need some help! We got dinner from the Anderson's and they are too sweet. In addition to dinner, they gave us 6 different snacks, cute goodie bags with candy, a gift card to Chick-fil-a and Colorado socks! They said they had a daughter who was serving in California so they try to do something good for sisters in hope people will be good to their daughter❤

Saturday- It was a pretty chill day. We made more muffins and took it to a family with 7 kids all were boys except Eve who is the youngest. Caine answered and he was probably around 17 years old and he only answered questions with one word or didn't say anything so it was obviously a really long conversation. We took muffins to other families. Around 7, we had exchanges with the STLs which was mostly all of us hanging out together and we found a new person to teach then went and played volleyball. Elders joined us and it was a ton of fun. It is very difficult to play in a dress by the way.

Sunday- We went to church with the other missionaries again! Because it was fast Sunday, Sister Wallace and I hung out at the church instead of going to our apartment where there was food everywhere. Also, ash from the fires is falling from the sky and we are expected to get snow tomorrow night. Sister Hunt gave us some snow gear. She's the best, and we love her. We also love Sister Bowen who has fed us 3 times in the last 2 weeks. She been watching our calendar and making sure the dinner slots get filled and if not, signing up herself💕 Here's a funny story. Sister Wallace was putting snacks away and I decided to throw her the cheetos. Well, it wasn't a very good throw as it hit the ceiling and landed 6 ft away from her. But when I threw it, she stood wide eyed and held her hands in fists at about her shoulders and quaked in fear. The terror in her eyes because of a small bag of cheetos was priceless!😈

RANDOM quotes!

-At first I didn't want it to be true. Bc if it were true that means I had to go to church -Elder Hansen (Dont know him but he is going home!)

-Marshmallows don't have heads -Sister

-You guys are good bakes - sis j trying to quote Elder McCulloch

-You've got a good heart. That's the best preparation a mom can have -Maryanne

-I didn't realize how fuzzy he was!

-I was excited to choke her I guess

-It's going to be interesting. They aren't going to get out of the car and cackle -Sister J about Ogs compared to goats

-We only watch sad movies on Sundays -Meg

-Regurgitation - Rose trying to say resurrection

-I'm rich now. I don't panic. -Sis W

-What if somebody drank lotion? -Sis J

-At least they'll see something pretty before they go down like goliath

1. Colorful soap car wash!!!!
2. Walmart has robots, we don't know what it is doing...
3. Went to Dutch Bros for the first time... Sodalicious is better
4. Fun tree statue
5. My new socks!!!
6. Ash on our car
8. One painted rock
9. The other one
10. I had fun with a watermelon
11. Sis Wallace and I
12. Sister White and me


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