August 31, 2020



I'm Puzzled!

Good morning everyone! It's been a fun week so here we go!

Monday- Once again was P-day! We were invited by Elders Mcullach and Seegrist to help them paint a house. We made the great sacrifice of postponing our part 2 of baking zucchini bread and went. While we were painting, Elder McCullach asked me completely out of the blue, "What is your greatest aspiration in life?" So I said it was to be a mom. He then said, "What have you done to prepare for that?" I answered, "I came on a mission...?" It was kind of a joke at the moment seeing as you don't date or get married while you are serving but after thinking about it more, the lessons I am learning are going to be valuable to my future. I am building my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that relationship will help me through the hardest of times and give me strength. And when I do get to the point where I am trying to decide who I will spend eternity with and when I have kids, I will have their knowledge, council and support.

Tuesday- We visited Sister Vercimak and her son who is 3. He showed us how he could ride his bike with no training wheels. He's adorable! So we have been asked to send in our daily schedules and to put a fun spin on it, we named things after Star Wars. An example of our efforts is for personal study, we put battle meditation. And I will send a screen shot of one of our schedules so you can full appreciate itπŸ˜‚ Fun story, Sister Wallace and I were walking and we had been in silence for a solid 3 or 4 minutes and then she was like, "which means we need to have a really good activity next week." ....... what? Turns out she had this whole conversation in her head and only after seeing I was confused did she realize I was not a part of that conversation.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Later, we went to the Og's house to pick up mail and it hilarious how different they are from the goats. I shall compare them by using songs. The goats are like the Alvin and the Chipmunks version of Witch Doctor and the Ogs are more similar to the Sound of Silence. In summary, the Ogs are super chill. Oh Elder Winterton made us stickers!

Wednesday- We went to Barr lake where we fixed dirt roads with the goats. After we made 12 more loaves of zucchini bread. (We are done, we are zucchin-eed out. We need something else to bake.) And we started a puzzle! Also my mind died towards the end of the day. I had a fuzzy head ache that didn't exactly hurt but I just felt super sleepy. Which means I was verging on the edge of slap happy and Elder Winterton said something on the phone and it wasn't funny but I was laughing so hard, I was crying. That was when we knew it was bed time.

Thursday- We went to a different office at barr lake and we worked filling a raised flower bed with rocks and we got through 2/3 of the pile before it got too hot but there it still a giant dirt pile we need to put on top of the rocks so we invited Elders to come this week so they could help with the easy part. So there is this lady in the ward who moved in a couple months back and no one has been able to contact her. She was becoming a legend or a myth at this point. So we decided we would take the trip out to her house. Her house is 40 minutes out in the middle of nowhere. We make the drive only for no one to be home.πŸ˜₯ We left the bread on the porch for her with a note and trekked back the 40 minutes. We managed to deliver all the bread to people and got to talk to a lot of them so that was nice. We finished the puzzle!

Friday- We visited Alice and Ben again to help them with their leaves and sticks. We got there and Alice told us Ben had fallen again when he had tried to clean up leaves a few days before. Poor guy just wants his yard to look nice. After that we went to Zone conference with Elder Wong of the 70 on a zoom call. And Elder Wong was throwing an all-you-can-eat barbecue with all the people he was roasting. He mostly went after the elders and when we called the goats later that night and they all sounded so worn out. They did not have half they life they normally do. Elder Wong was brutal. On a fun note, we started a puzzle that is a circle!

Saturday- Our service that we were going to do today was canceled and it happen to be the only day when it was nice and cool outside all day. We checked on the goats and they were back to normal. We had district council and we played "Relate it!" I got dinosaurs and so I talked about Jurassic Park and coming back to life and how Jesus Christ came back and we can be resurrected too. (I take rounds of applause.) And later we called members and we worked on our puzzle, it has been a pain.

Sunday- Because its 5th Sunday, the wards didn't have any sacrament meeting so we got to have sacrament meeting with the Ogs! It was awesome and I am so very thankful for the priesthood. Later, that lady in the ward who we drove out to meet but didn't get to meet texted us and we called her and we talked for 30 minutes! We can confirm she is a real person nowπŸ˜‚ And we finally finished the 2nd puzzle!

Random Quotes:

-They're good if you like it -Elder Michelson

-"Try to do something nice for your companion every day."
Me: I wake up

-We can still savage this salad, I meant salvage -Me

-I grew up in a house with five guys -Me
..... with hamburgers? -Sister Wallace

-In the CDNM, we teach repentance and baptize baptists -Sister Johnson

-You know what I dreamed last night? I was a tooth pick. -Sister Wallace

-Yeah, poop right in front of the ladies -Brother Hudson

Hey, can y'all help us out and pray for these people?
-Ben and Alice
-Sandy, she is having a rough week
-Sister Mark, has had exposure to Covid and is waiting to see if she caught it
-Sister Green and her mom

1. The fishing pier we finally got a picture of because we forgot to take it the first time around
2. Eating weird food that tasted delicious!
3. We literally drove to the middle of no whereπŸ˜‚
4. Who knew doing service with a mask would result in a sunburn on half of my face?
5. The sticker Elder Winterton made
6. Trying to make angry faces but I couldn't do
7. A pic we took to post on Facebook
8 & 9. Our Star Wars schedules


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