August 24, 2020



Want Some Zucchini Bread?

What's up guys? This week has been busy and many things went down so let's go!

Monday- Sister Wallace and I embarked on our zucchini bread baking journey. We had just put them in the oven when we got a call from an unknown number. It was a guy named Sean. (Who we had called him a week ago!) We were able to share a message and set up a time to share another one. We were lucky to have been asked to pick up dinner earlier other wise he would have called while we were talking to someone and wouldn't have answered!

Tuesday- We made thank you notes for all the members who have been making us dinners and for those who have been helping us get to know the wards and people who are in need of a pick me up. While we were doing this Sister Wallace was like, "I miss seeing other missionaries." Fast forward through the day, 9 missionaries came to our apartment. (Some were making mail runs and others during lunch to eat the salsa that came in the mail run). Then we went to the church building for a change of scenery and we saw 4 more missionaries. Elders Winterton and Weiss were there and they had told us about these skittles they boiled to make one single skittle. Did it look disgusting? Yes. Did I eat a piece? Of course. What do I think of it? It tasted like a mouthful of skittles but I could pass it up for untainted skittles any day. Also got a call from Elders McCulloch and Seegrist asking if we were home and we weren't. So they said that we would need to be home sometime between 2-5pm but not on Sundays or holidays.....I don't know guys. But we love and support them.

Wednesday- We taught Sean today and he is dealing with a lot of things we have no experience with so please pray for him and for us! Just for the record, Tapioca flour/ tortilla is delicious. Sis Wallace got it from Brazil and I think I need to go just to stock up on it. We also taught the Wolfmiers who were baptized in March so we are helping them out.

Thursday- We were so busy. We woke up and we went to do service at the Barr Lake State Park. We invited 4 Elders to join us and we stained the fishing pier. We did that from 7-12 and there were other volunteers so it was a party. Sean called us during this and said he was having a hard time so Sister Wallace was talking to him. After we got free food from Chipotle! So we got to eat and chat with the Elders. At this point, Elder McCulloch decides to ask me random questions like do I listen to this or that, ect. Well, I was taking a drink when he asked me if I listen to Evanescence. Never have I been asked that and most people I know don't know it or listen to it. So I was quite shocked and I low key almost spit out my drink. But this Elder keeps asking me random yes or no questions when I see him. Sister Wallace and I were officially declared the "cool sisters" and not "needy sisters." Turns out the other 2 sets of sisters are not super social with the Elders in their districts. Oh well. Then we went to meet a shy member who is less active with the bishop's wife who is her friend. The Bishop's wife got us Chick-fil-a frosted lemonade! Then to District Council and back to another service at a member's house who needed help cleaning up leaves. He gave us pizza and from there, we went to a young women activity where we roasted marshmallows. So we got lots of food and we only came back to the apartment to change back and forth from service clothes to dresses. (We did not originally plan to do 2 service things but someone asked us to do it Thursday so we made it work. Sort of.) We were completely beat by the end of the day.

Friday- We woke up feeling pretty good. 20 minutes later, we were so sore and we were moving around like a couple of old ladies. We had interviews with President and I was fine. I went in and he asked me to say the prayer. Sure, why not? So I am saying the prayer and I just got super nervous because I had no idea what to expect and before I could think to stop myself I said, and I quote, "Please help us be super comfortable." 🤦‍♀️ He asked me if I needed a different chair so I just rolled with it and said maybe.... But it worked, I was not nervous anymore! And I got a cookie after! We called some people and set up some service with and old couple who has a lot of medical issues. Sadly, Sean missed our teaching appointment but we will catch him. We did not get to teach Sandy due to her busy week but we did say a prayer with her. We made more zucchini bread. Monday, we were just attempting and this day, we were buckling down to make tons. We made a total of 16 loaves from a single zucchini. But we were an egg short. We happen to be on the phone with some Elders when we realized this and we asked to borrow an egg. So after we delivered loaves to people we have been having a hard time getting ahold of, we went to the apartments. Elders Mculloch, Seegrist, Michelson and Briggs are all usually together. (We have since dubbed them to be the Goat Elders because sometimes they are the Greatest Of All Time and sometimes they are simply goats). We went to McCulloch and Seegrist's apartment first in hope of finding the other two there and to save us three flights of stairs. Not the case but we knocked and we hear the door start to be unlocked and "No way! Elder Seegrist, come check this out!" Haha. We did have to climb the stairs but we got the egg and we gave them a loaf for their donation.

Saturday- (Background info: I don't know if I've mentioned this but Sister Wallace and I have been wondering if there was a time when pitch forks were useful in the fighting sense of the word or in mobs.) Any way, we helped the old couple (Ben and Alice) with their patio/outdoor living room? I'll send a pic of it. It's hard to explain. We helped them clean up leaves, move furniture and were able to share a message. He told up about one of his ancestors who joined the civil war. His ancestor's rifle had been stolen so he had taken a pitch fork to battle! I gasped because I was so excited but I was louder then I expected it to be.😂🤣😂 Ben was trying to comfort me I guess because he was like, "it's okay, I am sure he got a rifle later!" After we weeded a someone's yard who had surgery back in March and we plan on returning to work on the back yard this weekend. But while we worked on the front yard, I saw 50+ spiders in the rocks. I only killed 5 or 6. Wish me luck next week cause those spiders in the front yard were small. I can only imagine they will get bigger in the back yard. So the other group of elders we talk to are Elders Winterton, Weis, Klein and Stastny (which are now dubbed the Og Elders. They are our actual district peeps so they are the OG's) We invited the Ogs to join us this next time. While we were on the phone asking them if they want to help out, we get a text from the Goats saying this:
Them: "Are you home?"
Us: "Yes...?"
10 minutes later they show up with these pineapple cream drinks from Taco Bell for us. Very awkward to have 4 guys watching you drink something by the way. Elder Mculloch was the most eager of them all for us to try it. It's okay, it was not poisoned. It was a 10/10 drink, I reccomend it. It was very sweet of them. This was a GOAT moment, not a goat moment. We talked to Elders Stastny and Klein and Elder Stasny was roasting Sister Wallace as a trainer. Example: "Are you teaching Sister Johnson anything?" "Sister Johnson, you can have fun on P-day." Later, the Goat elders made pie and gave us some and we gave them a squash.

Sunday- We went to church, delivered more bread. Got teriyaki chicken from the Goat Elders and we brought watermelon to share but they did not want any and they gave us more watermelon!!!!

I would apologize that it is super long but I hear you guys love it. Anyways, I love y'all and hope you guys have another great week!

Quotes I thought were funny:
-"That was the kick in the pants that he needed" -Sister Wallace
-"I know a little too much about medieval torture" -probably, most likely was me...
-"Junior year is the hardest one because of STDs" -me...(meant to sat SAT's...)
-"It's exhausting reading your mind. There's so much going on" -Me
-"I'm pretty chill about most things, but sleep is sacred!" -Sister Wallace

1. Just us
2. I'm a pillow
3. Making Zucchini Bread
4. The Skittle
5. Bug we found in our apartment
6. Our zucchini bread
7. The weird porch. To the left is the garage and the right is the house.
8. The Goat Elders brought us drinks!
9. Fun pic of Sis Wallace
10. Another random pic of us


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