August 17, 2020



I had some....interesting interactions

Good morning! I hope you all had a good week!

Monday- I talked to the family and went shopping!

Tuesday- We went to a farm and helped out with some service. Sister Wallace was thrilled because she got to use a pitch fork😂 While working, she told me a story that she read when she was younger about a tiger prince. (It sounded a lot like vampire diaries as far as the love triangle went.) The elders came to help us and they were asking me questions about my hobbies. Well, the fact that I play video games surprised them and anytime I've seen them this week they ask me random questions about what I have and have not played. After, we talked to an older member who is kind of lonely. He told us stories about when he lived in the Philippines. A girl once told him, "If you eat a balute (a hard boiled egg of a mostly formed chick) then I will do you a favor!" He just told her he'd pass. During dinner, there was this aggressive fly. It was dive bombing us, flying into our faces and food and being a bully. And we tried to kill it but it kept escaping. Until it landed on the lid of our brownies and in a flash, I squashed it. It was a glorious moment. After, we called people and we talked to Cindy. Her best friend is a member and they have been friends since childhood. Cindy said that when her bff (Amy) makes brownies, Cindy forces Amy to share with the threat that she will be demoted a level in heaven if she doesn't get one! Haha!

Wednesday- Called a member and caught him while he was hiking. He told us that when he hikes, he listens to his thoughts and sometimes he hears voices!😂🤣😂 During companion study, Sister Wallace and I played this game where we think of an object, movie, book or hobby and we related it back to the gospel and Jesus Christ. We have not failed yet so if you think of something that might trump us, let me know. I accept all your challenges. Sister Gililand made us chicken pot pie for dinner and it was amazing. I was trying to guesstimate the number of meals we could still get out of it and looking at the pie, I couldn't help myself. I said, "According to the pie chart, we have 3 more meals!" I have no regrets😎

Thursday- We helped weed a member's garden and we got to play with her dogs, Maggie and Mike. (Adorable!) We had training meeting with the other nearby sisters and it was a blast. We talked about using technology but not before one sister was in a box dressed as a phone and there was a Mortal Combat like fight. Missionary vs phone. The missionary lost the first round but after getting help from the spirit, she won the brawl. We had taken treats for this meeting which included popsicles and bananas. We had 3 bananas left over and as we were walking back into our apartment, again I could not help myself. I put the bananas between fingers and became Wolver-ana! Later we talked to 3 families and we taught Sandy. It was a wonderful lesson and we were able to connect with her. We taught her about faith and how faith is belief + action and she lit up. She said she had heard that multiple times recently and thinks God is trying to tell her something. She is amazing and she is trying to do what is right. Please pray for her!

Friday- We called so many people. Sister Wallce was telling me about the Clone Wars tv series during lunch and I asked questions or commented and she told me (jokingly) that I was interrupting. I told her I was trying to have a conversation and she told me I was a conversation. SO I had a conversation with myself in spanish. I don't know a ton but it was quite a pleasant conversation. We watched a devotional about these parents whose daughter nearly drowned. The wife's friend had found her in the water, they did CPR for 10 minutes until she started breathing again. I'll put the link at the bottom because its truly an amazing story with lots of miracles.

Saturday- It was a really slow day. We were trying to find people on Facebook. In one of the groups I joined, I asked, "What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?" I was able to start a lot of conversations. I talked to a man who served in the military and after I thanked him for his service he thanked me for mine as a missionary! In another conversation, one lady was talking about running and she said, "Standing won't help so keep moving." It reminded of me of Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming." Another person I talked to was a guy named Afridi. He shared that he was from Pakistan and he is Muslim. We talked about prayer and how it has blessed our lives. It was great and (not knowing much about Islam) I asked him questions about his beliefs. He in return asked if we wanted to DM each other and I was like sure. So we were talking and comparing beliefs and he was like, "I can prove ther is no Jesus Christ using your bible." Well, I have yet to here of a time when a bible bashing session ended up well, I decided to avoid it. I briefly bore my testimony of the things I shared and told him I was looking to share something I love and learn about something he loved.

Sunday- We went to church ×2 and in one ward it was the same talk as last week and the other was about recognizing the spirit and it was amazing. She talked about praying to feel what she had known and shared other stories about people who did and didn't listen when the spirit told them something. After church we had a couple weird zoom calls. One, we could not hear them very well and most of the time not at all. So we asked yes or no questions and had them say yes by doing various things like putting your thumb on your left knee. So we made it. And the other was with the Hassels. Sister Hassel speak Portuguese and knows very little English so Sister Wallace was talking to her and translating when she could. We also found out that her husband doesn't speak much Portuguese! And they have been married for 8 years! Sister Wallace shared a message in Portuguese about the plan of salvation because Sister Hassel had recently lost a family member to Covid. I did not know what she said but the spirit was there and Sister Hassel seemed uplifted. So later Afridi texts me good morning and a video of him singing a song in a language I don't know. He then asked what time it was for me and what time I go to bed. I was getting weird vibes at this point but I was still being nice and told him it was 8:30 and I go to bed at 9. He tells me he is going to take a shower because it is hot and that he will talk to me while he is in there. I promptly tell him I can wait and Sister Wallace and I squirm uncomfortably and die inside. I told him good night, closed all my tabs/windows, turned off my wifi and made it impossible to get any response he sends. So, yeah...

-Sister Wallace has to fidget with something while she is on the phone.
-There is this thing called the mission veil and it makes you forget normal things. For example, I could not remember who wrote Harry Potter.... Yes, I feel great shame. (J.K. Rowling)
-I can officially read Sister Wallace's mind
-Sister Wallace used to watch High Five too!
-Sister Wallace likes how I say "No" when telling stories

That was my week! Sorry it's a bit long but hopefully it is at least entertaining!!!

We took a lot of videos that are too big to attach and I forgot to take pictures this week, sorry! I'll do better next week!

Here is the link to the story!


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