August 3, 2020



An Unusual Start

Hey guys!!! I miss you all and hope everything is going well for ya'll. Here is how my week went:

Monday-Tuesday - MTC while everyone else left. We started with 12 people and the last day there was only 3 of us! They missed out.

Wednesday - I flew from Arizona to Utah to Colorado. The first flight it was myself and 4 other Elders who were also going to Colorado! And I finally got to meet Sister Wallace, my MTC companion, in person! I hope I will get to be her companion again in the field. I love her and you all should meet her and make her your best friend. She has such a strong testimony that will leave you in awe. (You're the best Sister Wallace)
Once we were in Colorado, we got to meet President and Sister Blake! They are amazing and I am so glad that they are over my mission. (I know for a fact that they are who I need as my leader) From there we went to a church building where we got an intro orientation and then we were taken to a hotel to stay in for the night.

Thursday - Sister Wallace and I got to share a room and as we were checking out, a leader pulled us aside and told us that one of our family members had tested positive for Covid-19 and we would have to be extra careful to keep our distance and everyone was going to get tested for Covid. After we went to the Pepsi Center where the testing was taking place, we had some more orientation things like getting our driving cards and we got our trainers! Before we had the whole "Guess your Trainer!" ceremony, Sister Wallace and I were told we would be companions until our test results came back negative or until we quarantined Covid right out of us! Also that our trainers would live together until this all blew over. Ironically and quite hilariously, my trainer's name is also Sister Wallace! I'll do my best to not confuse them in this email. After, I got to drive to our apartment which, driving a small car is a bit scarier than a big one, just so you know. Us two greenies were left here alone and did not recieve much instruction as to what to do in our unique situation except the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) told us to stay inside. The were so kind and they went to the store and got things tha TV we needed and brought us dinner. But with little idea of what to do, we curled up in blankets and watched the beautiful rain. We were told another Sister, who was also in quarantine, would join us the next day to help us out.

Friday- Sister Miranda joined us. At first we were worried that if we had it we would give it to her. As it turns out that night she started coughing and that caused MTC Sister Wallace and I to worry. Most of the day was me texting people through Sister Miranda's phone (because she has the SIM card) while coordinating with Trainer Sister Wallace what we would say to the members. It was a bit stressful to say the least but I made it.

Saturday- Heavenly Father knows how to raise your spirits. I was cruising through cabinets to see what I was going to eat for breakfast and I found the most glorious thing. Dinosaur Oat meal!!! The one where there is dinosaur eggs and then they "hatch" when you put them in the microwave. It made the whole day better. Most of the day was a blur after that but the mission President called and said we were able to go on walks. So we went on a walk and took pictures for our facebook profile pictures.

Sunday- My companion and I are in the Brighton area and we are over 2 wards so we taught the bishops in those wards and we will talk to them again sometime this week. We also got to teach a woman named Sandy. Sandy is so funny. The day we talked she had gotten a new kitten from the Walmart parking lot! She named him Pete😂 She also loves plants and she loves to gift them. She was able to go to church in the past week and she loved the sacrament. She has such a sweet spirit and she is so strong. I love the daylights out of her already.

Today(Monday: if you don't know wha tag day it is)- I talked to the fam. MTC Sister Wallace accidentally dropped our last roll of toilet paper in the toilet. And Sisters Wallace and Miranda got their test result back: NEGATIVES!!!! Thus far we have been doing everything through messenger and zoom and we have been able to manage but I am so excited to work with my companion in person.

This week I have started the Book of Mormon over and guys, it is amazing. I love it. I know that it true and when we apply it to our lives is when we start to become most like Jesus Christ. I know that it is a great source for peace when you are having a hard time.
Thank you to those of you who have emailed me and I will do my best to answer. I love you all and have a wonderful week!

-Sister Johnson

P.S. People are asking for my address so here it is and make sure you address it to Sister Mikayla Johnson or I might not get it:

Sister Mikayla Johnson
Colorado Denver North Mission
1250 Main Street
Broomfield, CO 80020
1. My first view of Colorado
2. Sister Wallace and I after we got tested for Covid
3. View from the apartment
4. Quick photo while on our walk
5. My #1 recommendation of something you should try if you have not had them
6. The ancient DVD player that is in our apartment


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