December 30, 2019




Sister Packard

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!

On Christmas we woke up to no electricity and a typhoon. We were told we couldn't leave our house because of the typhoon until 3. At 3 we went to a dinner appointment at a members house and then after that we had to come home again dayon. But the day after Christmas we were able to call our families.

Thursday night after we got back to our apartment there was an earthquake! Our apartment rattled fora little but nothing broke or anything.

Saturday we met a lot of new people with the help of a member. We are super excited this week to get to follow up with all of them. Sunday we had one investigator at church si brother Jake. He is related to a newly baptized member here in Pavia. Jake is super interested in religion and has been coming to church the past few weeks. And last night he accepted our invitation to him to be baptized. Our goal date for him is January 18. Last night, we also met a neighbor of Tatay Rodrigo. He is also interested in religion and Rodrigo said nga he wanted to listen to us. But he was a little drunk when we met him last night so we just scheduled a return visit to him this week haha.

2019 has been a great year and I have truly learned and growned so much here this year! I'm excited for all that 2020 has in store. Hope you all have a great time celebrating the new year!
Palangga ta kamo! Andam kamo!


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