September 30, 2019




Sister Lora

Iloilo presents Broadway!! (2 weeks worth)

Mayad nga bugtaw kanino tanan:)
Sorry I dont have too much time to email today but we had a good week. It rained A lot at the beginning of the week and so we had a lot of appointments that we couldn't go to because it was flooded.

On Saturday all the missionaries in our stake were invited to the stake activity at this fancy hotel. They had a Broadway showcase so all the wards put on a performance. They had music from Wicked all the way to the High School Musical. But Filipinos love this kind of stuff and they always put so much effort into their performances (practicing, customs, props)
And before and after the show they had a booth for us missionaries to talk about the church to investigators or other nonmembers. (see photos)

We have also gotten a lot of new investigators from the help of a recent convert named Danny. He loves to work with us around his house and he talks to all his friends or people he knows....even people he doesn't know and asked if we can share to them. So this week our goal is to follow up on all the new people we have been meeting!
Hope you all have an awesome week! Palangga ta kamo kag andam kamo:)

September 29th We had a great phone call with Megan today. She didn't have time to write so I'll include a few highlights from her phone call. They have lots of new investigators that they are working on visiting this week. This week Megan got to harvest rice. One of the pictures shows her in the "official" rice harvesting outfit. Two teenage boys that she worked with in her last area got baptized. (photo) She was so sorry she couldn't attend but was happy when someone shared some pictures. She continues to work hard. She loves her current companion. You will see a picture of her holding a duck. Then you will see a photo of what happened to the duck. One photo is her holding some Mulunggay leaves. They have a lot of nutritional value. Enjoy all the photos!!!!!!


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