September 2, 2019




Sister Pedrola

Happy "ber" months!!!

Hello sa lahat!
So now that is September its officially Christmas season!!!! At least here it is so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

So as many of you know we have been trying to find a new apartment for a few weeks now with no luck but we kept it in our prayers and on Wednesday as we were working we came across this bright yellow apartment!!!!! Brand new and perfect!!! So hopefully in the next few weeks we will be leaving our rat, cockroach, spider, worm, dog infested house.

Yesterday we worked with some members and went to a less active ladies house. She has a daughter who just turned 8 so we are hoping her daughter will be her motivation to come back to church. We focused our lesson on the important of mothers and read the story of the 2000 stripling warriors. There was a really sweet spirit as all of the members that worked with us shared and testified about how grateful they were for their mothers.

And finally last night we drove home from a members house in a tricycle. The tricycle driver was the son of the member but he had been drinking (which actually happens a lot) And he was just a little reckless haha. Finally one of the members with us yelled out to him "gusto ko pa magasawa" something along the lines that he still wants to find a wife so dont kill him haha.

Hope yall have a great week!
Andam kamo!

Picture info: the fruit she is holding is a rambutan. She says it is one of her favorites. Megan and her companion decided to trade clothes one day. Megan has fallen twice into a rice field and gotten mud all up her leg. The girl in the blue shirt with Megan is one of their investigators.


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