August 5, 2019




Sister Pedrola

Rain and puppies

Another week had come and gone. We have gotten so much rain this week and we are constantly wet. I also think that I am cursed because I have broken another umbrella!!
Yesterday we had a great lesson with a new family. They were a referral from the District President. The dad is very interested in religion and had a lot of questions. He was very interested with forever families and he feels very strongly that the heavens have not been closed. He also knows English very well so I added a little English to the lessons which was fun haha.

Things are still going in Bugasong haha we are really trying to reach our goal of 20 new people being taught a week!

Also this week one of the dogs that lives at our house had puppies. 3 little tiny puppies! Now I know what y'all are thinking.. "missionaries arent allowed to have pets" but we have tried getting rid of them haha Our mission president told us to look for a new house but there are little to no options here,

One last thing that I am very excited about! President Pangan is making it his goal in his next 3 years as mission president that Antique District will become Antique Stake! And he has a really big desire to help Bugasong Branch specifically as its the one struggling the most! I am really excited for what is in store for the saints in Antique:)

Palangga takamo
andam kamo!
FYI she could not get pictures loaded this week due to the internet connection.


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