July 22, 2019




Sister Pedrola


Hey everyone hope you had a great week!
So the reason for my heading is because we had a typhoon this week that they named Falcon haha. The worst of it was in the northern Philippines so we just had a ton of rain and some wind. But we continued to work and just got drenched AS IN for two days straight. I never thought I would be so freezing in the Philippines haha.

But we still had a great week this week. We have seen so many blessing from referrals from people this week. We are still teaching Nasivon (double) and have met some of his family this week as well. We received a referral a couple months ago from the district president but we have never actually been able to get into contact with him until yesterday because President namon came down and we went with him and his wife to meet them. His name is Edward he used to go to the Iglesia ni Christo church diri sa Philippines but he told us he didn't feel that it was the true church. So we are pretty excited to start sharing with them.
We also just heard that we will be moving meeting houses in the next few months. Super excited for them because our meeting house now is very old and the spacing isn't condusive to learning for different classes. Our district presdeint spoke in sacrament yesterday and really stressed the importance of tithing and praying and fasting for this new meeting house and in the coming a chapel in Bugasong:)

I am so grateful everyday for this opportunity to be here serving a mission. Its so crazy to think that a year ago I knew little to nothing about the people here or the Philippines in general but now I cant explain the love I have for them or the joy that I have felt serving them and getting to know them! The people here are sooo nice and caring as in they dont think of themselves and sometimes its sad to see but most of the time its just super humbling thing to see kag it makes me want to help and care for people more. Anyways I love them all and there is no where I would rather be right now and nothing I would rather be doing! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Palangga ta kamo kag andam kamo!


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