July 8, 2019




Sister Pedrola

Hello family and friends

things are still going good here in Bugasong. We have really been focusing on trying to find new investigators and are still exploring our area since we are both still farely new here. And this week we have for sure seen Heavenly Father help us in our search.
on Tuesday we were tracting (oyming) down a new street and a tricycle drive drove by us and told us to teach this house kasi they were Mormon. so we stopped by there house and met a young couple nga may little baby. Her mom is LDS but she hasnt met the missionaries before and they are willing guid for us to come back.

On Friday we drove almost 5 hours to Kalibo to have exchanges kay there are no other sisters closer to us haha. Exchanges were awesome even though not even a full day. Saturday morning we drove back to Bugasong. On the bus back to bugasong we met this older guy named Severino. He is 59 years old na but was taught by the missionaries when he was just 20. He remembered all about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon. Sadly before he got baptized he moved to a town with out any missionaries. But now he moves back and forth between towns so we were able to introduce him to the Kalibo missionaries so he can be taught again!

Saturday afternoon we both spoke at the elders baptism.... on the beach!!!! I promise eventually I will have awesome pictures for y'all I just dont know when haha medyo crappy computers here.

Sunday was a great day of lessons! A friend of a member came to church and after church we were able to teach him. His name is Nasivon and he is a barber. He is super receptive and said he doesnt understand why there are so many churches! may ara kami ng sabat! we are really excited about him because he is so sincere and has a lot of desire to find the truth.
Then we taught the Amido family. They are an awesome family and love when we come over. Sister Amido says she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is true. The only problem is Brother amido recently had a stroke so he is in a wheel chair and because of na they havent been able to come to church. Finally we taught Albert and Maria Theresa Magdato some of our new friends nga we met through a member. They are really receptive especially sister.

Its been awesome to see the Lord working every day to put people into our paths. Super excited for the growth in this area! Palangga ta kamo kag thank you sa inyong support always!


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