March 11, 2019


Jaro, Iloilo Philippines


Sister Ragas

Another week in Jaro

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! Another week in Jaro down. The time is going by so fast its crazy!

This week (like most of our weeks in Jaro) was a lot of walking from cancelled appointment to cancelled appointment. And we are in the hottest time of the year right now! And we have had quite a few of our investigators hiding from us this week which is disappointing to say the least.

But we have also met a lot of new people this week and half some awesome knew investigators. I have really felt the spirit this week guiding us to where we should go and who to talk to. Friday we went to Paul Abutal's house but he wasn't there so we decided to keep walking down the path and thats were we met Irene and Jessabel, They are both highschoolers and are friends and neighbors but they are super interested to listen to us.

Then on Thursday we went to Arjel's house but she was a no go man. So we continued down this path we had never been and we met the Subebe family. Tatay Subebe has 4 kids (the youngest is 14) . After talking to them we found out the mom passed away like a month ago, so we were able to teach them and testify to them that they will see their mom again.
There is no way any of us could do this work with out the help of The Lord. But I know that God is always here guiding His children and especially His missionaries.

And now for a funny story! Last week we had FHE at an investigators house with the Elders and a bunch of youth and ysa in our ward. At the beginning of the FHE I ate balut again :( So gross!!! And then at the end of the FHE we walked out to the highway to head home and I threw up on the side of the highways!!! IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!! Embarrassing talaga!


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