January 21, 2019


Jaro, Iloilo Philippines


Sister Ragas

Kamusta Everyone!!

Hope you all had an awesome week!! This was a super excited week so get ready! We have been trying to find new investigators so we have been exploring our area and in turns out it is a lot bigger than I thought it was! And these last few weeks we have been spending a lot of time near the ocean!!! We have found a lot of new investigators and potential investigators this week!

One of our newest investigators is Sophia. She is only 8 but her family is less active so we are teaching her. We told her mom that she needs to come to church too if she wants her daughter to get baptized, and this Sunday their whole family came to church, even grandma!!!

We also have been teaching another less active named Ranier. He got baptized about a year ago but stopped coming to church because of his job. We met him on a jeepney randomly a couple weeks ago and then we found his house a couple days later. It turns out he had been hoping that he could get into contact with the missionaries again but wasn't sure how. He wants to come back to church and for the rest of his family to get baptized too. I know that Heavenly Father has a had in our lives and he is helping us always. I know that he helped us to find Ranier so that we can help his family.

Ok now back to Sophia! Her school has a pet baby monkey named Moymoy!! And we went there with her and it was the cutest thing ever!!! Sobra Adorable!

We also moved into our a new apartment. Its super nice and actually in our area so we don't have to take a jeepney every time!

Hidlaw sa inyu guid! Hope you all have a great week!


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