January 14, 2019


Jaro, Iloilo Philippines


Sister Ragas

Maayong hapon!! Kamusta kamo?

This week was busy and awesome! We have been working super hard to find out where all the less actives live in our area and to start visiting more of them regularly. And since they don't have actual addresses here it involves some detective work and a lot of asking random people which is awesome because it also helps us get new investigators.

Wednesday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders so I led our area with sister Makabenta. It was really awesome and I learned a lot about teaching lessons from her.

Saturday we had a lesson with Paul Abutal and his wife. They are Catholic but they are open to learning about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Last week we gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read the introduction for "homework". So when we went back on Saturday, he read it and had damo questions about Mormon. He wanted to know who Mormon was, and where he came from, and who is great great geat grandfather was, and why he called himself a prophet haha. We did our best to answer his questions haha. He said he will continue to read the Book of Mormon!!

Yesterday we were walking down the street and saw 10 girls came running towards me. They all wanted high fives from the American, and then they continued to follow us for like 10 minutes until we got to a less actives house haha.

Anyways I love you all and hope all is well!!!


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