November 12, 2018


Jaro, Iloilo Philippines


Sister Crisostomo

Hey Family and Friends! Hope all is going well!

This week felt kind of long but it was a good one! On Thursday we had a mission tour with Elder Teh from the Quorum of the 70. It was a good conference and we learned a lot! Then on Saturday we had a continuation of the mission tour with just President Cruz and his wife. President Cruz and Sister Cruz are both super sweet and awesome!

We started teaching this young mom named Joan this week. She has two kids and they are a handful haha. We taught her once at the beginning of the week but when we went back to teach her again she told us that her mother in law does not want her listening to us and that we are not allowed to come to their house anymore. But thankfully she still wants to hear our message so we are going to a members house (Nanay Nilma) to teach the lessons!

Saturday night we had another lesson with the Agravadior family and we committed Tatay and Brother Kennedy to a baptism date!!!!! We set the date for the 25th of December because our zone is planning a big "White Christmas" baptism day which we are super excited for! However, on Sunday they told us they actually want to get baptized on Dec 1st which of course we are totally ok with haha. On Sunday the Agravadiors came to church as well as another investigator named JR! He is awesome but just super busy with school.

This Sunday I played Piano in sacrament meeting and then last minute they also asked me to play the whole primary program! It was actually super fun! So thanks mom for making me take piano lessons, it really is coming in handy!

Sunday night we taught a new investigator for the first time. Her name is Florlena. She works on a cruise ship as a server and right now she is studying to take an English class to become a nurse in England. So she is super smart and knows English really well! She already has a very firm testimony that God loves her and to trust Him which is awesome! She is super Golden but just really busy!
I love this Gospel and I am super excited to keep sharing it!
Excerpts from parents letter:
They language is crazy! I for sure can understand a lot more and say a lot more then before! The Ilonggo accent is also so fun to listen to because it sounds super sing songy. Like even when they are mad, its hard to tell haha.
Sister Bernardo and Sister Crisostomo have been teaching us some Tagalog words! I really want to learn so once I get Ilonggo down I will start to learn it more! And another Dialect I will probably learn is Kaaray.
Our new investigator Sister Joan is from Manila so she only really speaks Tagalog so I will probably start to learn more from her! Gift of tongues is real though!
Sige! So a typical day for us: We wake up at 6 and exercise and start making breakfast! My new favorite breakfast is rice with hotdogs and and egg! And I will be having that every day when I get home haha! I have become obsessed with hotdogs lol. Then we get ready for the day, Personal study, Companionship study, and daily planning! This week sister Crisostomo and I were super diligent about being out the door by 10! We take a Jeepney down to one area and teach a few lessons down there and then by 12 or 1 we come back to the apartment for lunch! While we are lunch I study the language and then we leave again until 8:30 at night! We dont do a lot of tracking here but we do always talk with people on the Jeepneys and tricycles because they cant escape from us haha! Another funny story! There was a mouse in our shower bucket the other nights swimming and we didn't know what to do with it. We ended up scooping it into a plastic bag with the water and leaving it outside by the trash. (see photo) And it drowned during the night and it still just chilling in the plastic bag hanging on the gate.


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