October 15, 2018


Jaro, Iloilo Philippines


Sister Crisostomo

Hello Family and Friends!

So much has happened these last two weeks so sorry if this email is crazy long! We finished up our time at the Manila MTC! We got up at 3 in the morning on Wednesday to head to the airport to fly to Iloilo! When we got there we were greeted by our mission president and his wife! They seem really awesome and so sweet! Then we went to the mission home and ate lunch. We then all had to take turns having interviews with President Cruz and while we were waiting we were allowed to take naps. So picture about 20 missionaries sleeping on couches chairs and the floor haha. After we ate dinner all the sisters went to the STL's apartment to sleep. The next day we had a meeting with the trainers, where we found out where our first area is and who our kaupods are! My companion's name is sister Crisostamo. She is from Cavite philippines and has been serving for 9 months. We are serving in the Jaro 1st area which is in Iloilo city!

The next day we went straight to work! I have gotten to meet most of our investigators and they are all so nice and fun! Even though I rarely understand whats going on haha. Most of the time I just feel like a lost puppy, not really knowing what I am supposed to be doing. Last night we had FHE at the Aggravador's house. Their son Peter recently got baptized and now they are all taking the lessons! They are awesome! We had a lesson and then played a game with them.

I have eaten a lot of crazy things this week too! The two craziest being pizza and spaghetti! I know I cant believe it either! But filipino red sauce is different than Italian and I acutally like it more! Then the last day at the MTC they had these super spicy red peppers for people to try and a couple of us in our district tried it! It was so hot and my mouth burned soooo bad!!!! And finally!!!!! The last meal at the MTC they served us Balut!!!! And it actually was not horrible haha. I ended up eating 1 in a half because sister Groscost didnt want hers. Today for lunch we went to inasal which is a filipino bbq place, where I ate rice like a true filipino.. With my hands! And I tried Halo-halo which was super yummy! So I am pretty much convinced I'll come home from my mission and will like every single food!
Also going a long with food, our favorite phrase sa hiligaynon is "susuka pero disusuko" Which means I will throw up but I wont give up haha.

Also! Did you hear I am famous in the Philippines? People literally get wide eyed when they see me walking down the street and little kids like to run after us and follow us. And everyone greets me in English Its pretty funny!

One more thing to show you how much of a true filipino I am! I live in an apartment with spiders, huge cockroaches, lizards and mice! And I dont even care!
Anyways! I am excited for a new week! I love you all!


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