October 1, 2018


Manilla MTC


Sister Johnson

Hello friends and family

First week in the Philippines has been great! Even though its still the MTC its a lot different than the Provo MTC! The biggest culture shock we had this week was talking to some native Hiligaynon speakers who talk WAY faster than our teachers from Provo! We have taught 2 Lessons to a teacher at the MTC. The people we taught in provo were always overly exaggerated about learning and said yes to everything you asked them. So when we went into this lesson and he had his phone out the whole time, we were not exactly sure what to do haha. Halfway through the lesson My kaupod Sister Johnson asked him to put his phone away using charades since we don't know how to say pocket or phone or away haha. Which is good because these lessons I am sure are a lot more realistic than in Provo haha.

Last p-day we got to go to the Manila temple. So that was an awesome experience! We also have been able to meet a lot of the filipinos missionaries here. They are all so nice and funny. They just laugh and laugh and laugh.

The food here is actually so good! Pretty much every meal is rice with chicken and some kind of cooked vegetables. We also have had fish twice. And yes I tried it! And yes I actually liked it! Once you get over the look of the food because the fish looks disgusting and sometimes the chicken looks really gross, its super good!

Sunday night we had a devotional about the Book of Mormon. They had who ever wanted to share a scripture that had impacted their life. It was really cool to hear from so many people and to be able to learn more about the Book of Mormon. I am super grateful for this book and the Power that comes from it. I know that if we ever have questions, we can find our answers in ang Libro ni Mormon if we prayerfully study it.

I hope everyone has a good week! And enjoy the weather as it starts to get colder! I love you all!


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