September 26, 2018


MTC Provo


Sister Johnson

Made it to the Philippines

I am officially in the Philippines! The last couple of days have been crazy! We left the Provo MTC on Monday at around 3:30. We took tracks all the way down to the Salt Lake City airport and then went through security. Then we got to call our mga pamilya and got Cafe Rio!! (We had waiting for that for weeks).

We made it to LAX airport at about 10 or 11ish. When we got off that plane we had to take a bus to the Philippines airline. When we got there I realized I had (very stupidly) left my orange envelope that had all of my flight stuff and my PASSPORT in it on the plane!!!! So I was stressing trying to figure out how I could go back and get it and we were trying to call Delta and it was a whole messy ordeal! So then 2 elders in my district and Sister Fulmer and I got back on the bus to go get it! Once we found it we had get my boarding pass and then go back through security haha. But thankfully we got it all figured out haha. So finally we left LAX a little after midnight.

When we landed in the Philippines it was 6 in the morning on Wednesday (we lost a whole day). We got on a bus and took an hour bus ride to the Manila MTC! It was fun to look out the window and see all the people! Also the traffic is crazy, and no one follows traffic rules haha. We then went straight to a meeting with the MTC president, Got some breakfast, and met our teachers. The MTC here is crazy small compared to Provo haha. Provo had over 2000 missionaries and we have 70 missionaries here. And my district is the only one that is speaking Hiligaynon. After that long day(s), they let us go to bed at 7!

Manila is very busy and there are a lot of buildings. But it is still so cute and fun! I love all the trees here and I actually am really enjoying the humidity!!! And the food so far has been really good! They have not given us balut yet but we will see! Also Sister Johnson and I are still kaupods for the next two weeks. But now we are in a trio with another sister from our MTC zone! Her old campanion is going to Bacolod instead of Iloilo so she is still in Provo.


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