September 7, 2018


MTC Provo


Sister Johnson

good week

Mayong aga Pamilya kag Abyan!

This week was super fun! We are finally getting into a groove and getting into a good schedule that works for my Kaupod and I.

We taught 4 lessons this week ALL in Hiligaynon. We have also started learning more grammer rules which I think makes it a lot easier to create your own sentences in your head instead of just memorizing phrases. We finished memorizing the first vision this week!

Funny story of the week! One of the Elders in our district is from Dubai our district convinced him that in America we have something called a horsecat. We even drew pictures on the board and created a whole story about how scientist made them in Idaho. We convinced him for about 30 minutes and he was so mind blown and confused. Finally he asked our teacher and realized there was no such thing haha. He was such a good sport about it haha.

Sister Johnson and I were asked to teach Sunday in our district meeting. We taught about the role of the Book of Mormon. It was nice to be able to teach in English again for a change. We were then also asked to teach in relief society this week on the same topic haha. So thats easy!

But this week we have been talking a lot about the simplicity of this gospel, and how even little children (mga bata) can undertand it. Because of how simple it is, we do not need to be fluent to teach it. But just by saying the simple phrases and sentences that we do know, with the help of the Balaan nga Espiritu (Holy Ghost), we can help others come unto Cristo.

Super grateful for this opportunity and I am excited to keep working! Love you all!


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