August 31, 2018


MTC Provo


Sister Johnson

Philippines is the place to be

Mayong Hapon Pamilya kag Amigos,

First full week in the MTC flew by!!! We have been having a blast and learning so much!
Most days, we have two sets of classes that each last about 3-4 hours. Our classes are taught by two Returned Missionaries who served in Bacolod Philippines speaking Hiligaynon. These classes involve very little english haha.

On Sunday we had a very full day with meetings and then we had choir practice. After choir practice we had a devotional from the MTC President and his wife which was really good! They were both converts to the church and showed how big of an impact the missionaries who taught them made! Every baptism (pagpabunyag) is important and makes such a huge difference. After the devotional we watched "The Characters of Christ" A devotional by Elder Bednar to missionaires at the MTC.

Tuesday night we had choir practice again and then another devotional by Elder Brent L. Neilson (from the 70) and his wife! He is the 70 over the Philippines so we all got a special shout out! I think everyday I just get more and more excited to get out into the field and meet the Filipino people.

We have taught three "lessons" to our Hiligaynon teachers! Granted, they are all very awkward sentences but I am still so amazed at the amount we have learned! Ang Regalo sang mga Himinbalaan (The gift of tongues is real).
By tomorrow (10 days) we are supposed to have all the phrases and vocab in our mini booklets memorized as well as, the missionary purpose, Moroni 10:5, and the first vision. The first vision is the one i'm struggling with haha! But the thing that I am most proud of is that we all can pray 100% in Hiligaynon!!

Something I learned this week. In Hiligaynon, they have their own numbers up to 10 but then they just switch to spanish numbers. And they use spanish numbers all the time when talking about scriptures. But the alphabet is a little different and we dont have "v" so instead of vente, its bente.

During exercise time my kaupod and I have played spikeball with some Tagalog Elders, SOFTBALL, (by that I mean catch), and we played sand volleyball with our district.

Past 9 days have gone by so fast! I am excited to keep working (obra) kag improving!

pagpalangga, Sister Marshall


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