August 24, 2018



Made it to the MTC

Ma-ayong Hapon Pamilya and friends,

The last few days have been crazy!! When I first got dropped off, I was guided to a building where I picked up a bunch of stuff and information and then I dropped my suitcases off at my room, and went straight to class.

I walk into class and I am immediately greeted by a very chipper teacher speaking Hiligaynon to me at 100 mph and pointing to a bunch of random desks and words on boards. It was a little crazy haha. We went right into learning greeting phrases. Later that day we had a fireside with all the new missionaries where we met the MTC president. They asked for everyone that is going to the Philippines to raise their hands, and LITERALLY over half of us raised our hands!!! It was crazy!!

Fun fact: we have the biggest zone in the ENTIRE WORLD! Our zone is made up of missionaries going to Bacalod, Cebu, Cebu East, and of course Iloilo. The missionaries going to Bacalod are also speaking Hiligaynon, and the others are learning Cebuanan. And it turns out they all are really similar!!!

My MTC companion is names Sister Johnson and she is awesome! We are able to have a lot of fun together while also still being serious and getting stuff done! She loves to sing and dance and will sometimes brake out in song. Which we have realized is a good study tool haha.

The first night, one of my roommates (Sister Fulmer) woke up in the middle of the night feeling really sick, and she was having a hard time breathing! We weren't sure what to do since we didn't know where anything is haha. We ended up waking up some other sisters and they were able to take her to the health clinic.

Walking around the MTC is so funny because everyone is trying to speak their mission language so you will hear thank yous and goodbyes in like 10 different languages everyday.

This morning we got to go to the temple which was nice! (Finally something where I know what I'm doing haha) And we have just been studying a bunch as well.
Everyone keeps telling the new missionaries that "You just have to make it past sunday" and then it flies by haha.

The MTC has been crazy so far and sometimes leaves me feeling very over whelmed but I know that if we keep working (even if it doesnt feel like it) Ill be able to handle it.

I love you all!! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Marshall


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